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Transcripts Library

Welcome to the 'No Video Yet' Transcripts Library.  Here you will find various videos-in-waiting, in various states of gestation.  And, not unlike peeking in on a pregnancy via a sonogram, some of these may be a little fuzzy to you, while others may have matured enough to look like the finished product.  But oftentimes, I find that (like wine or good cheese) they get better while they sit, complexities improve, tastes and tones come forward when I sample them again, and I can easily tweak and twist so that they present themselves more fully and clearly to you.  Which is all just a flowery way of saying that these are still works in progress.  They may be tweaked and changed before they hit the 'big screen' ;-P.  But most seem mature enough for those of you who might enjoy a sneak peek, and perhaps helpful to those who are sitting at their edge already.  I hope you enjoy.

'No Video Yet' Transcripts Library

The Backlash
Body of Evidence
Bride and Groom
Changing Beliefs
Chicken or the Egg?
Filters and Frames
Fractals, Sacred Doorways, and Patterns
The Illusion of Separation
Less is More
Less Talk, More DO
The Lion and the Lamb
Miracle Zone
More on Aliens and UFO's
New Rules
The Other Room
Out With the Old
Real But Not Fact
Real, But Not Really Real
Sacred Doorways
Singular Multiplicity
The Stoic Seed
Time and The Middle Way

Uh-Oh.  Iím Doing All This?

Vine and Branches