Illusion of Separation


One thing we must be aware of when we are trying to understand this wonderful thing that we are – from which perspective are you looking? 


This can keep it confusing, keep us thinking we are talking about different things, or that different things can be true, or that they aren’t true – they are in competitions with each other.  Because though it may appear you are hearing about different things, you may be hearing about the same thing, Mandelbrot style.


And this is very, very important to understand for those of you who seek to go deeper into this seeming rabbit hole, because we must not only see these seemingly differences and that they are only different views of the same thing, but we must also begin to slip and slide (slip and slide) and allow our perspective and awareness to move freely. For example: 


Do you see?  Right now, many are certain that what they consider to be their body is the only vessel for the spirit or soul of you.  And from one perspective, that is true – you are indeed a particular slice, a particular focus of the One.  But, we must also see that the very same thing that animates you, animates me.  The very same thing.  And there is ONLY ONE of this thing that animates.  The very same thing that animates that cow, or chicken, or spider or butterfly is what animates you – and each of these is a particular slice, a specialized focus of the One, not unlike certain cells in our bodies behave in certain ways, or certain organs act differently, yet all are undeniably part of the same body.


Can you begin to sense the Truth in this? 


I am often asked, in different ways, basically the same question “What is the most important thing I can do to hasten my enlightenment?”  What is the magic bullet that will bring me to this place, this new conscious awareness, that I want to see with?  Oftentimes, it is very hard to directly point to the questions I get asked, but this case is different.  I CAN tell you.  If you want to step onto the moving sidewalk of enlightenment, make it your goal to genuinely see, genuinely get what this video is talking about today – our oneness.  I will tell you here that there is two types of understanding (at least).  The first is what nearly everyone takes as understanding, and I have come to call it ‘grasping something intellectually’.  We know the facts, we understand the parameters more or less, and we think we ‘get it’.  And of those of you who believe you understand, this is what nearly everyone of you who are still interested in my videos are doing.  You intellectually grasp this idea, and you mentally agree with it.  But this is still a superficial viewpoint.  There will come a time when suddenly this thought will drop much, much deeper into you, into your very bones, and it will be come a fact that you cannot escape.  You can no longer escape it.  And this is the type of knowing I am speaking of.  And when this drops into you like this, you’ll know it because your whole world will change because how you relate to it will change.

Not that you will never again become angry with another, but your anger becomes like striking a match – it blazes and burns for only a second or two before it goes out all on it’s own.  Your anger barely catches before it begins to be extinguished, and this is because of this knowing.  Because you will no longer see an adversary, an enemy, but rather you will see YOURSELF stand there before you, perhaps quite angry and indignant themselves.  You will not be able to escape this knowing of your oneness, and your anger dies away before it grows wings and carries you off like it once could, and instead you see just another version of you, wonderful you, still sleeping soundly, but you nevertheless. 


So, with this new understanding, who is there to fear?  You share a genuine rapport, and familiarity with everyone you encounter.  It’s the root of the reason that so many of you feel such attachment to me and my postings – you hear YOU there.  And it IS you – just a different slice of you who had wedged the window open a little more wide.  And you feel this.  And when you begin to know this Truth of Oneness like I am pointing to here, others will sense it of you exactly as you sense it of me.  And it may confuse them a little, depending on where they are on their path.  But they will sense it.  And the world automatically becomes a much friendlier place, doesn’t it?  It does.  And this knowing will affect every corner of your world in ways you cannot imagine.  It will rebuild burned bridges.  It will heal wounds.  It will make a new day.  And this is all wonderful, isn’t it?  But it gets even better.  The scales begin to fall from your eyes, and you will begin to see this thing that you want to see, because it doesn’t lie within any religion, or concept, or theology, or discipline, or method, or projection.  Here is where it is. 


Make it your goal to see this, remind yourself of it every moment of every day and you will have a moment where suddenly you get it like I am pointing to.  And that moment is when your feet have landed on the True Path of Enlightenment – all this other running around was only to bring you to this point.  You must see this Oneness.  This knowing must become an inescapable fact to you.  Then you will begin to see.  You will effortlessly change in ways you can’t imagine right now.  Your vision will sharpen dramatically.


You cannot see your impact on the global changes if you only look through what you consider to be your personal eyes.  You have to broaden that perspective.  You have to come in close.  And when you do, when you genuinely see the oneness, when you see you in every pair of eyes you see, whether that you still sleeps or has begun to awaken, When this Oneness becomes an inescapable fact for you, then your world will effortless begin to align because you are finally seeing the Truth.


You are finally seeing the Truth.  This is the Truth that will set you free.  If you grasp no other Truth, no other lofty thought or revelation, that’s ok.  This one will get you there and do it in short order. Effortlessly, at that.   Because object and subject are one.  See this, and you will begin to see what you have come here in hopes of seeing.  There is no division.  Who is there to harm, or fear?  See this one thing and watch your world echo back this oneness, as pieces slide into place.  This is the most important thing for you to see.  When this truth become inescapable to you, then your feet will be on the path you seek.  WE  Are ONE.  Not metaphorically.  Truly.  We Are One.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.