Uh-Oh.  I’m Doing All This?



 Ok – so we’ve recalled that what we think is what we manifest. So what does it mean if things aren’t perfect?  If your body isn’t perfect?  If your life isn’t perfect?  That YOU aren’t prefect? Does that mean that there is something wrong, that you are creating imperfectly?  That you are less than your fellow man who seems to have the perfect relationship? The perfect body? The perfect life?  No, despite appearances, the amazing truth is: You create perfectly every time.  You create as well as anyone.  You are magnificent.


All it means is that you are thinking, expressing different things, perhaps because you thought you had no choice, or that things ‘just happened’, than others who seem to have things differently than you do.  But this isn’t true, and now that you KNOW how these things come into being, you can think something else, you can change this thought


But your life, happy or sad, wealthy or impoverished, is created perfectly.  It might not be what you’d prefer to have, but it is WHAT you THINK you will have.  And so, there you have it.   They will be done


Your body, thin or fat, healthy or ill, rich or poor, happy or sad…..it’s all perfect:  It is the PERFECT manifestation of whatever you truly think. 


You are capable of nothing other than this PERFECTION.  So, it might not be what you want, but you perfectly created whatever you truly think.  What you see around you and your world is the contents of your mind.  Nothing more.


So, what you create is up to you.  That is true.  And you may not like what you have made.  But you create whatever perfectly everytime



And this is the message that we need to share, if any should be shared.  This is the empowerment. These changes begin in YOU


Whatever you hold within, you create perfectly, magnificently, each and every time


You are capable of creating nothing less.


So, if you don’t like what you see, go within and find why it is there.  No one is a victim of circumstance or fate.  Everyone creates their own circumstances and fate.  So go and see.  And change what you find, if you want something different.  There is no reason for despair.  You are holding all the cards.  Just see them. 


This somewhat helps to explain the paradox of “you are capable of no less than perfect” when you look at a life, at a  body, at relationships that you do not consider perfect.  They arethey are exactly what you thought.  Change what you think, and if you don’t succeed, change it over and over until it ‘takes’.  Do what it takes to show yourself, convince yourself that this new thing is what you want and it is indeed possible.


Because it is.


Everything you create is created perfectly.


It cannot help but be.


If the thought that created it doesn’t please you, change that.


But know


You create in perfection.


Each and every time




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.