ďSingular MultiplicityĒ
aka ďWhoís Running This Show?Ē



First off, I wanted to thank you all for watching the last series The Joy of Knowing, and passing it around and sharing it with friends and family, as well as thank you for all your kind words and comments.  Among your comments was a question that appeared over and over, and so I wanted to take what we have considered in The Joy of Knowing Series, and open it up a little more.


Many of you asked a question along the lines of ďIf I am projecting this, then how are YOU projecting it, too? Whoís really doing all this projecting?Ē  And this is a very tough question to answer.  But Iíll try. 


Now, the label I find comfortable to hang this concept from is what I call  ďSingular MultiplicityĒ.  In other words, the seeming many from the one.  Now, first, I want to point out that the very nature, the very root of this question, (as well as why you canít seem to find the answer for it) arises  from your rational, conscious mind, your 10 mile x 10 mile building, (if you watched the Consciousness is a Playpen video), and THIS is a great deal of the trouble you are encountering when you try to think around this. Because your consciousness, as it stands right now, isnít large enough to examine this concept.  It wonít fit in your 10 mi x 10 mi building.  And thatís all it really is, btw Ė a concept, a way you are seeking to tidy up what feels like at this time, loose ends for you.  But unfortunately, these loose ends wonít FIT into your consciousness.  And that is the reason the answer is eluding you, and driving you nuts. J


The uneasiness you may feel when you canít find an answer like this is the direct product of what you call your rational, thinking mind.  Because this specialized section of our larger mind, or our larger awareness, is like a steering wheel, and so it desperately wants to know where to go.  It canít deal with not knowing because itís whole purpose IS to know.  Or to THINK it knows. So by asking this question of your consciousness, you are causing it to chase itís little tail, and it just keeps looping round and round, doesnít it?  And if you donít help it out, it will continue for a while in this manner until it finally breaks down and does one of 3 things:  It will discard the question or concept out of hand as nonsense;  Or, it will make up stories about it in an attempt to at least link it to something it feels it understands, or it will eventually go on to ignore it and refuse to contemplate it.  Eventually it will do one of these 3 things, so lets try and at least give it something to hang itís hat on.


And so the first step in trying to span at least a tiny bridge of resolution is to  be aware that this question rises from your conscious mind desperately trying to know this, trying to make sense of it, for one reason only:  it canít stand not knowing.  Itís main function is to act as a steering wheel, and it doesnít know what direct to go in when this thought arises, and it doesnít like that because, although itís just the steering wheel, your rational mind still thinks it runs the whole show.  Oh yeah.  It does.  It believes that it is responsible for bringing you what you experience.  But thatís isnít true. 


You conscious mind is responsible for selecting some of the experiences, but at this point, most of what nearly every one of you experience as reality actually rises out of your larger unconscious awareness.   Which brings us fully to the next realization:  This function you are seeking to know about is the product of your unconscious at this time. NOT your conscious mind.  But by asking the question, you are seeking to know this unconscious function through the awareness of your conscious thinking mind.  And that makes explaining it a tricky matter.   But hereís the exciting part: We are all here today in the process of bringing this into our consciousness, and therefore gain the ability to directly manifest what we want to experience.  Thatís what weíre all after, isnít it?  Itís such a Holy Grail that we barely dare to believe it could be true.  But it is, and I hope by the end of these videos, youíll be motivated and equipped to begin to try.


So, as we ask this question, we must recognize that, by default, we are asking this answer be outlined in somewhat a mechanical fashion.  You want to be able to take this apart and see how it works, donít you?  And that approach is obviously the domain of the rational, thinking mindÖ.And honestly, the poor little guy just canít manage this one.


 But thatís ok - that doesnít mean it canít be known Ė it can.  Just not in the way you are seeking to know it.  The reason we reach for this kind of understanding is because we still largely rely upon our rational, conscious mind to navigate our world, or at least feel as if we do.  Which is kind of ironic because, as I already mentioned,  at this point in your unfolding, your world is almost entirely created out of your UNCONSCIOUS.  Not your conscious.  You want it in your conscious, though, and you are here today, hoping to place it there.  Thatís what you hope to find here today, and what I sincerely hope to help point you toward, but know that it is your UNCONSCIOUS that brings forth nearly ALL YOUR WORLD right now. Wow.  How about that?


So, if youíre trying to approach this Great Mystery from a mechanical way, or spatial point of view of time and space, this will be a slippery one for you to grasp.  Because the Truth is, distance and spacing are merely illusions of this dimension.  And the question you are asking goes far beyond these parameters. 


In fact, itís more helpful in finding the answer to abandon the mechanics, and look at it intuitively, like you are looking at a dream.  Hereís what I would like you to consider:  When you are dreaming at night, where is your dream?  Did I hear someone think ďIn my head?Ē  Nope.  Now, I could hook you up to a bunch of electrode and electronic devices, and I could track responses your body makes in experiencing your dream Ė brain waves could be noted, eye movement, twitches and bodily movement might be there, even the occasional mumbled word or two.  Maybe even a scream.  We could easily see all that, right?  Right.  We KNOW you are actively dreaming, no doubt about it.  But WHERE IS YOUR DREAM?  Think about it.  Can you point to the actual dream?  No.  You can point to the effects of it as experienced in this dimension, but you cannot point to your dream.   But itís definitely there, isnít it?  You seem to sense it, you move through it and experience it,  and it certainly feels real, especially when you are in the dream.  And this is really important to note because in a similar manner, this is how your world exists.  Itís all real, but not really real. 


So when you look at it this way, which is actually closer to the Truth, you begin to see the question of ďhow does YOUR world and MY world fit togetherĒ really isnít such a pressing question anymore, is it?  Just beginning to look at the question from a more correct point of view causes the need to know to begin to just dissipate, because you begin to sense what is really going on.  But for those of you who still demand a closer look, it might be thought of in these ways:


In my opinion, you can somewhat point at pieces of this Great Mystery by viewing it in two ways.  Now, Iíll tell you upfront that both ways are misleading.  But they will begin to point to the matter for you, and those of you who are ripe will begin to get a feel for it.


So, the first way is this:  You could look at what we perceive to be reality as an infinite number of little pseudo worlds that fit together, each like little pieces of a puzzle.  Where two or more worlds touch, there is an inherent sharing, a harmonic that allows the touching or joining of these seeming different worlds.  And in the areas where there is not a sharing, then that part  is not a part of your world


For example, where your world and my world touch Ė where I share myself with you, and you with me, there is always a harmonics, a fitting together, that allows for this connection.  Without this fitting together, there would not be a consciously discernable connection in our normal manner of detection. 


For example, there are large parts of your world that I do not have direct knowledge of, and there are large parts of my world that you do not have direct knowledge of, right?  In effect, and I mean that  literally, in effect Ė effectively, that Ďeffect isí Ö.. the places where we do not directly touch are, for practical purposes, different little worlds, arenít they?  I go my way.  You go yours.  We each have our worlds.  But the places we touch consciously are places in which we share creation, and it is creation that is not dependent upon one another, but rather simply would not exist, were there not an agreement there, whether conscious or unconscious.   In other words, one puzzle piece does not alter or conform itself to fit into another Ė each piece retains itís autonomy, and it is the act of their harmonious linking together that forms the puzzle, that gives rise to the creation of the puzzle.  They are the puzzle, as we are the worldÖ.. it is the act of our harmonious linking that forms what we perceive to be our shared world. 


So, there is never any disagreement in the act of creation because to COME TOGETHER in the first place, to have the opportunity to touch, there must be complimentary linking.  Like puzzle pieces. Everything in agreement, nothing making anything do or be anything that it is not, and that is the underlying harmony in nature.  And when I say harmony, Iím not just talking about unicorns and rainbows and butterflies.  There has to be a harmony, a fitting together, an agreement, in order to bring forward things we call Ďbadí, too.  Not just the things viewed as pleasant.  There is a harmony, a linking, in the pieces of what we do not like, in the exact same manner.


And actually, the even bigger truth is, we touch in ALL areas, all the time. Just unconsciously, or behind the Veil.  We are in one big pot of soup, with everything touching and a part of each other, at all times. 


But unconsciously, we donít know how to effectively steer the dream.  We havenít been able to directly manifest.  It is only as we begin to pull this into our consciousness that we gain this ability.  And this is what I hope you are beginning to do today.


Now thatís one way you can think of it, or at least pieces of it.  The second way you can look at pieces of this is by thinking of it all as your dream, and not unlike your regular nightly dreams, you can bring anything you like into it.  Not only that, but any person you like into it.  Because after all, we are all dream characters, arenít we?  And we are all One.  We are all fragments of the dreamer, all real, but not really real. 


Now also, we must remind ourselves here that time and space arenít really real either.  They are pages in our Book of Life, thatís all, so we may seem to experience things sequentially.  After all, do time and space exist in your dreams?  No Ė they donít.  Not really.  For example: Before you begin your dream, you donít have to arrange to lease the appropriate haunted house to have a scary dream in Ė space doesnít exist in that way.  YOU create the space.  YOU create the haunted house. Right?  It feels real.  But it is your creation.  So, there are unlimited scary houses for unlimited dreams, arenít there, and one doesnít affect the other. And time in dreams surely doesnít follow what we perceive to be normal time, does it?  You can have a HUGE dream in the 10 minutes after you hit snooze on your alarm clock.   So the Ďwhení of it all doesnít affect anything, does it?  There is unlimited time to do unlimited things.  Time is an unlimited and fluid  commodity, just like space, like your haunted house.  


And what about the characters in your dream?  They are all fragments of you, all personified projections of you.  You can have anything and anyone you wish because you ARE the creator.  So, though itís confusing to our little rational minds, if we look at what we call reality from this perspective, there is no over lap - there are no Ďother peopleí or Ďother worldsí to affect.  No commodities actually exist to be used up.  Theyíre there.  And they seem quite real to residents of that storyboard.  Theyíre real, but not really real. 


And this is also true about what we perceive to be reality, although from within the storyboard, from within the dream, it doesnít seem so.  All these things seem limited to us, very rigid in what they may or may not do and be, and how much of them we may expect to haveÖ...  But NOT when the dream character awakens, because as we do so, and this is what you are doing right now, as we awaken, we pull the consciousness of the dreamer into the dream.  The Source, the Divine, becomes conscious within his dream, and this is YOU, and you begin to guide the dream we call Life.


We begin to be able to use the steering wheel, which is our consciousness, but now it is empowered with the seeming magic of the Divine.  And when we begin to learn to hold our will still, then there is direction, and direct manifestation is born.  You were already doing all of this, anyhow, just UNCONSCIOUSLY.   You cannot be passive.  Your unconscious brought forth your world until your consciousness became ripe.  And now, for many of you, it is time.


What I am hoping to achieve by offering you these two potential ways to look at this question is NOT to attempt to answer it directly Ė that cannot be seen with your rational thinking mind at this time.  It wonít fit.   Rather, I hope to point you in the direction where your unconscious and conscious mind begin to recognize each other and exchange things directly, because it is there that you will find your actual answer.  


Maybe you already feel this stirring behind the curtain right now.   So,  both of these scenarios are useful in pointing to pieces of this answer that canít be given directly.  And this new Ďknowingí that begins to dawn in our head is a product of our linking together our conscious and unconscious awareness, because THIS is the place where faith comes into being.  This is the nursery where miracles are born.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.




The Next Step:


If you havenít watched Singular Multiplicity, you ought to do that first, because this second section grows out of itís closing thoughts:  We see where faith comes into being, but, how do we have faith?  How do we come to believe?  How can we move those mountains?  How do we look at illness or hard times and pretend they are what we want them to become?  Well, we donít.  We never pretend.  We can KNOW, and we must KNOW.  That is the only way.  So, how can we know then?  How can we believe in what has yet to come to be?


A good analogy for this is travel.  Itís like buying a ticket on an airplane.  You pick your destination, and you demonstrate your faith by packing your bags, and making arrangements for the change.  Now, youíre not there YET, are you?   Youíre still in New York, youíre not in the Bahamas yet.   But you KNOW you are going to soon be, and you ACT like it, you PLAN for it, you absolutely are certain that soon you will be there, and itís no big deal to do this, is it?  In fact, it only seems wise, and it IS wise. 


And in this same way, we can look at illness or situations we want to change or improve, and we can buy a ticket.  Yes, we are still here NOW, but we will smile to ourselves and know itís going to change.  So in this same way, we can realize that yes, we may still be manifesting an illness now, but that isnít what it is turning into, and in fact, has already become in the 5th dimension outside of time.  And though we havenít the foggiest notion how to fly the plane, we donít worry how it will come to pass.  We just have faith that what needs to be done will be done by someone or something that knows how to do it, and that getting from A to B is going to happen.  So, in going from your sickness to health, you can be happy.  You SHOULD be happy.  Be excited.  Give thanks.  Anticipate it constantly and make ready for it to appear. 


Now, if you bought a plane ticket to the Bahamas, you would demonstrate your intention of arriving at the Bahamas by packing accordingly Ė mostly warm weather clothes, right? Although you might pack an item or two in case the weather turned chilly, mostly youíd pack lightweight clothing.  You WOULDNíT pack a suitcase full of parkas and snow skis and winter clothes, would you?  If you did, THAT would indicate that you donít really think you are going to go to the Bahamas, wouldnít it? 


So, if you are trying to buy a plane ticket to, for example, get off your antidepressants (which everyone seems to be on these days) and then when you hear news that your insurance company is going to start covering prescriptions 100%, and find you are very pleased about that and begin to mentally calculate how that is going to help your finances, ummmmmÖ..thatís very telling isnít it?  Thatís like SAYING you want to go to the Bahamas, but when customs opens your suitcase, itís full of parkas.  Do you see? 


So check out what you have packed, because what you are trying to take along with you might impede your trip, in fact, you may realize you are not prepared for where you thought you wanted to go, and you might not even get on the plane.  And even if you DO, hereís the thing:  You wonít be equipped to stay in the Bahamas.  The baggage you have brought along will make it very difficult for you to enjoy being there, and so, you wonít stay. Do you see what I am pointing to here?  And this applies to our manifesting, too.  Check your suitcase.  Check your hidden intent or agendas that may be hiding there.


Now, some of you may say ďIíve tried this.  It never works!Ē  Well, your ďfaith buttonĒ might be stuck, and THAT can hamper your ability to directly bring yourself what you prefer to experience.  Or sometimes, just canít commit to choosing what you want.  Or even if we do, we secretly think we arenít going to get it, anyhow.  And when this happens, we tend to live our lives flying standby, getting on whatever plane going to whatever destination that seems to show up and leading miserable confused lives, having no idea how we ended up where weíre at. And this is because one way or another, youíve lost your ability to believe.  Your faith button is stuck.  If you think this may be what is holding you back, try this thought on for size and see if it helps:  Think to yourself (or say aloud)ďI will consider the possibility that these new thoughts might be trueĒ.  Take a  baby step.  And ask for what you want to see.  Again, baby steps might be useful so that your faith may grow.  Donít ask to be the most beautiful, wealthy and loved person in the whole world, because you wonít believe itís going to come to you, and therefore, it wonít.  But do try something comfortable for you, something that will go along with  the thought ďI will consider the possibility that these new thoughts might be trueĒ.  And try it.   If I am wrong, and this is all a bunch of hooey, then youíll just still be standing there, waiting to fly standby, at your old airport.  But if what I say is true, then youíve just found the magic ticket to anywhere you want to go and anyone you want to be, havenít you?  And I think even the tiniest possibility that these things might be true, is definitely worth trying.


So, choose something.  Now, I admit, sometimes I personally donít specifically choose something.  I might just narrow it down to the general area I want to experience, and let the details fill in for themselves.  But I like surprises, and so this is fun for me and it usually works for me.  But for you, especially those who havenít really done this before, I would encourage you to at least be somewhat specific, because without this landmark of being specific, of knowing where you are  now and where you want to go, you wonít see that it came true, that it came into being, will you?  Youíll continue to write it off to fate, or coincidence, and you need to SEE.  So, choose.


Once you have chosen, then give thanks.  Be happy.  Be excited.  Look forward to being there.  Give a thought or two to what it might be like Ė just like what you might do when you are going on a much-anticipated vacation.  The act of giving thanks helps to cement your belief in place that you know this is going to happen, so give thanks.  Forget Ďhopeí.  Give THANKS.   Feel the difference?  And Be happy.  Smile.  And expect it with great anticipation.


Now be sure to check your baggage.  What are you taking with you?  Donít fill your suitcase full of things that donít apply to where you are going.  Just like a normal trip, pack what will be useful to you when you get where you are trying to go.  If you are telling yourself you are going to the Bahamas, but youíve packed a suitcase full of parkas, you donít really expect to go to the Bahamas, do you?  No, although itís fine, prudent even, to pack a sweater for the off chance of a chilly evening.  But if your baggage is packed full of snow gear, you donít really think youíre going anywhere sunny, do you?  SO, check your bags.  You might be surprised at what you find there.   And dump the inappropriate stuff.


For example:  Many people who want to change their life are often wanting to move out of a land of pain or perceived injury.  They want to fell better, and they are confused and furthered dismayed when what they want doesnít seem to happen.  If this is the case for you, check your bags.  If you have packed the memories of  a perceived injury or pain,life, then itís clear that you donít really plan to fly out of your land of pain, do you?  Um Ėum.  You might want peace, but you canít leave the pain and perceived injury behind. And have this life without pain and anger and fear and loneliness, you have to let these things go.


You must know this truth (and I hope this becomes a new mental mantra for you):  Refuse to let ANY event (or collection of events) define who you are.  What happened to you is ONLY an experience you called forward to show you where you are at, because this is how we learn.  The only moment that defines you is the one you are standing in right now, and YOU have brought everything into that moment with you.  YOU say who you are.  Always.  If you accept a definition that was handed to you, it is YOUR ACCEPTANCE that gives it the power to define you.  YOU empower it, and if you donít, it is completely helpless to affect you.  So, donít empower what you do not want.


Now, here is the REAL shocker:  Ironically, a fair number of you may actually find (much to your surprise) that emptying your luggage of these things might be extraordinarily difficult to do, because we cling to these perceived wrongs.  We do.  Because, though it may be hard to see, we get a payoff from them. They become our badges, our purple hearts, in a weird twisted little way.  They are intangible commerce.  We can get things from them.  Did you know that?  We can and we do.  Alll the time.


 By clinging to our perceived injury, we might garner applause and respect from others for overcoming and not crumbling under whatever it was that happened to you.  Thatís one way.  You might also be able to manipulate people, financially and/or emotionally. Itís actually really easy.   Perceived pain or injury can also be a handy excuse for why we do this or that bad habit.  We can say that is why we smoke too much, drink to much, eat too much, work too much, are emotionally distant, have a drug problem, have an explosive temper, whatever. Oh yeah.  Are you beginning to see why this is can be a hard thing to lay down?  We do this and we arenít even aware that we are doing it.


So, from the outside, we insist ďof course I want to lay this pain asideĒ, but now that you see the inside landscape of this pain and where it grows from, do you have the courage to put your finger on why you are carrying yours?  Can you point to which motivation is your motivation for keeping it with you and ensuring that itís not only in your suitcase, but often deliberately displayed as well?  Can you?  WILL you?  I hope so.  Because pain is big business. 


I know this is a toughie.  I mean, you can get applause and respect from your endurance of pain or perceived injury, and you might not easily GET that from other areas of your life, so you may be unconsciously hesitant to do away with it, as unbelievable as that sounds.  Perceived injury can also allow you to financially and/or emotionally to manipulate other compassionate souls, in a very real way, and that can be something you grow somewhat dependent upon.  It can also be used as an excuse for long list of habits and actions that you shouldnít really be doing.   Itís a wonderful excuse for all of that.  It can allow you a much-treasured feeling of self-righteousness or superiority.  Even medically, it gives you access to pharmaceuticals that are suppose to dampen your perceived dismay, which in truth only launch yet another degree of separation that you must peel back and rise above to get where you are trying to go.


So pain is big, big business in many ways, and without our realizing it, it becomes a part of our intangible commerce. And that is why you may find it difficult to lay down.   You donít realize it consciously, but you need to be mad at your parents, or spouse because you have become accustomed to a sneaky little payoff somewhere, one that must be seen, and disarmed and hereís why:  When we do this,  we are giving away our power.  Ironically, it SEEMS to make us feel MORE powerful when play this card Ė we seem like we are Ďgettingí, but we arenít Ė at best it is a poor manís imitation of power.  Because when you exercise true power, it returns to you and you grow stronger with each usage.  Each and every time we use this poor charade of getting, it dilutes your real power.  Who wants to do that?  So, release it, and I mean it:  Forgive whoever you need to.  I donít care what they did or didnít do to you or for you.  Let it go.  Forget about whatever happened.  For- GETTING is how you get Ė itís how you receive,  Let it go, and you WILL receive.  Literally.  In fact, before you for-get it, THANK IT.  Bless it for helping you to see, for-getting you this gift of seeing.  Then, let it go.  And begin to define yourself anew. 


For those of you who are seeking to really move into a new place of balance and power within, I canít TELL you how good this feels. This is SO empowering.  Even releasing and forgiving and forgetting little things have a tremendous effect. And you will regain more and more and more of your scattered and given-away power. Because that is why you go back to this perceived injury or pain Ė you go to visit your power.  You have given your power to this person or event or thought and you have willingly let it bind your wrists and tell you who you are.  And because you have given your power away, the only time you get to see it, to have a taste, is when you visit it and you visit it when you tell others about it.  You visit it when you live your life according to it.  Thatís an all-day-long prayer of worship Ė did you know that? 


So release this thing, and watch your power return to you. The formula FOR GETTING is to forget.   Stop thinking that you have been wronged, or hurt.  You havenít.  I donít care if Oprah or the legal system or whoever encourage you that you have the emotional or legal right to nurse it, or baby it, or pursue it.  DUMP IT.  Iím serious.  Dump it.  It will be undoubtedly be the wisest and most profound things you have deliberately done on your journey YET, and I mean that.  It will transform every corner of your life, and the very vibration of your being. And I promise that.   


Hereís another little story from my daughterís bedtime story, that helps to illustrate how doing otherwise can handicap us:  Two monks were trying to cross a busy, muddy street.  Beside them, a wealthy woman stood fussing at her attendants because they couldnít carry her in her sedan chair AND her packages across the busy muddy street.  The younger monk crossed the street without giving her a second thought, but the older monk picked up the angry, wealthy woman, carried her across, and put her down safely.  The woman didnít even thank the old monk, but rudely shoved him out of her way and proceeded on with not even a backwards glance. 


The two monks continued on their journey.  The younger monk quietly fumed at how he had seen the wealthy woman repay his companionís act of kindness.  Later in the day, not able to keep his silence any longer, the younger monk asked the older monk why he let her treat him that way.  ďWhy, she didnít even thank you!Ē he said with exasperation.  The older monk turned and looked at him and smiled, ďI put her down hours ago.  Why are YOU still carrying her?Ē 



And this is what our pain and perceived injury is doing to us.  We are like the young monk, and instead, we must set them down, and go on our way, otherwise it occupies us, distorting all that we encounter.  I wonder what wonderful things the younger monk overlooked that day while he was focused upon nursing this perceived injury?  I wonder how often we do the same thing to ourselves.  So.  Dump your pain, dump your perceived injuries.   


Now, there can be lots of things like pain that you could be hiding in that suitcase, but I chose to point to pain because there probably isnít a person listening here today that doesnít have at least a small pain issue that they secretly drag about with them.  And most of us have quite a few.  And the roots, as I hope to have helped you see, can go insidiously deep, and our true motivation for bringing it along with us is not only shocking, but largely overlooked.  And it is crippling.  Utterly crippling for where you want to go.  So, please Ė look -  and set yourself free.  For giving and for getting.  These two will bring you MUCH.



So, back to our plane analogy on how we can believe in what we do not yet see, just buy the ticket Ė pick the destination and pack accordingly for it.  Donít worry about flying the plane.  In other words, donít worry about how the mechanics of whatever you asked for could possibly happen for you.  Believe it or not, it is irrelevant.  There is no such thing as statistics, or odds in this new land you are entering.  All is available, and in our example here, The Source is your pilot Ė silently aligning your arrival where you want to go.  There is an unending list of possibilities at your fingertips, waiting to unfold for you at your sincere and focused request. 


So, choose the flight.  Be happy and give thanks. Donít pack anything you wonít use in this new leg of your Journey. And just get on the plane when it shows up, and enjoy the ride.  Donít worry about how it will manage to fly you there.


Now, I will say it is indeed at first like buying a ticket, but not knowing the exact departure time of your flight.  Donít worry about it.  Just pack what you would like to take, and give thanks, and watch for it in anticipation as you go about your daily life..  But donít project too much into the future about it, because thatís not where itís going to happen to you.  Itís going to happen to you right here, where you are standing, in the NOW, in the only moment that exists.  So, pack your bags, and live your life in happy anticipation that this is somehow where you are heading,  but donít project too much about it, because it wonít appear in the future, it will appear in the NOW.  And this is why we must be ever-present in the Now. 


But it can be useful to incorporate elements of this new thing that you anticipate happening into your everyday now.  For example, say you had not been taking very good care of yourself, and you wanted to enhance your physical projection.  You could also bring this new enhanced image of yourself a little nearer in your honest, everyday Now by donating all the clothes that really werenít 100% flattering to you to a charity organization, or by selling them.  Doing so would immediately cause you to be projecting a nicer image right away Ė you have no choice but to wear what truly enhances your image because you have given away what did not really flatter you.  And we can bring little actions like that into our everyday Now that will hasten the manifestation that we were looking for.   Bring it into your Now. 


Because at first, it comes to us (whenever possible) in mundane, everyday ways Ė just laced with unbelievable synchronicity.  But it comes in everyday form, whenever possible.  Not that you might not have a Ďwater into wineí event right away Ė some of you might, and I hope you share those if you do.  But at first, whenever possible, it seems to occur by everyday methods somehow, and rather, itís the timing and arrangement of events what seem like a miracle or fate.  And so it is usually what we often call synchronicity that is actually the first miracle.  As we step out on faith and commit to this new way of life, it  flies right in, and settles upon our shoulder, like a dove. 


In other words, as we begin to do this, we will be led through a series of events that may or may not seem miraculous, but their timing or alignment can often easily be seen for the miracle that it is.  And before now, you might have called them coincidence, or good luck.  But there is no such thing.  It is, and has always beenÖ You.


So I hope now you have a better idea of how you can believe and have faith in something and give thanks for what is not yet seen.  This is a critical ingredient in direct manifesting, and I hope you put it into action in your life.


 And even more importantly, I hope you see how important it is to forgive and forget and move past anything that you have allow to define you in a way that is not empowering to you.  Itís not giving up, or conceding to forgive Ė it is a demonstration of tremendous strength and wisdom, and is one of the most powerful and wonderful things I have ever set into motion.  Do this, and watch your power fly back to you, and light quietly upon your shoulder, because when YOU forgive, YOU are the one that you are setting free.  Not them.  YOU.  And now that you have put down these weights that have held you in place, molds and bindings that you have allowed to define you, the world becomes your oyster.  You are breaking a crippling pattern, and opening yourself up once again to receive the light and empowerment that is your birthright.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.