Real, But Not Fact


As some of you may have surmised by now, I rely heavily, almost extensively, upon firsthand experience because, when you think of it, firsthand experience is the only reference that you can validate.  When you think of it, everything else, every other thought, no matter how great or how silly, is hearsay.  However, when you hear something, like perhaps one of my videos, or read an insightful book, and it strikes a chord in you, it is no longer hearsay….it has become your direct experience.  That thought, that answer, had been conceived by you and the request was fulfilled through that book or unASLEEP video.  You are listening for the echo of that which you can scarcely verbalize, but you know it when you hear it.   I hope you hear it here today.


When I look through other works (books, movies, whatever) I am actually looking for the lid of the puzzle box – the bigger picture to help me arrange all these puzzle pieces that arose from within me.  Some are already linked and provide tantalizing clues to what is about to be revealed.  To sit and sort the remainder one by one can be done, but it IS tedious.  Finding this lid, this bigger picture of this puzzle that arose within you , will make the job much easier, even just a fragment of the lid will help.  If it seems to be the right lid, try it.  The pieces will either fit, or they won’t, and long as we don’t begin to carve upon them and make religions in our attempt to create some sort of meaning, there is nothing whatsoever to regret.  Or piece it together yourself.  I tend to do a bit of both, and I’m guessing that might suit you as well.


What about this business of NOW?  Is it true?  Yes, it is – just not from our perspective.  Everything is happening right now.  You are seeming to be born, and you are seeming to die, right now – it is all One.  There is only one piece of this thing we call Life, and this is very hard for our normal mental processes to grasp, but we might think of it like this:  Your life is like a movie, on a movie reel, and this awareness you call YOU is the point where this film is paraded past.  Because of your particular type of awareness, time seems to appear.  Things seem to happen in sequence, but time is a byproduct of this particular type of awareness.  Do you see?  It is not really real.  The entire movie exists in that one roll of film, everything is already present, each frame is already filled.  And here is where we begin to have a hard time and our understanding seems to break down because these frames in this roll of film we call our life, are dynamic, they are not static and predetermined, though it would seem they’d have to be to compose this filmstrip, but that is the perception of the mind that views everything through time,  - a time which really doesn’t exist, but rather, is a byproduct of this particular focus, this lens that we call US.  You must be aware of this, that our time-focus makes this hard to see.


In truth, this filmstrip contains everything that has ever happened and ever WILL happen.  In truth, it flows backwards and forwards and sideways and every way imaginable.  It is living.  It is ALIVE.  Your life is alive.  It does not plod forward.  History is alive, it does not lie dead and reported, the future is happening right now, it is not composed of things that will come later.  But these thoughts do not fit within our timeframe, and therefore they are so very very hard to begin to grasp.  But you will begin to grasp this today.  This story we call life is a living thing, but it is a thing not defined by the worldly limits of time, and this is hard to imagine for our time-minds.  What would it be like to observe an animal, a living thing, that wasn’t led by time, who’s appearance and experiences followed no flow that we are so familiar with?  If you think about it, without the sequencing of time, it’s death would affect it’s teenage years, which would affect what it was like when it was born, each of these things now set free from time now relate on all possible levels and in all possible possibilities.  So, what would hold this creature together?  What would determine how it looked or what it experienced?  Without time to secure it, actually to limit it and order it, then this creature relies upon its awareness, no an awareness ordered by time, but an awareness that transiently holds whatever he perceives.  Whew!  That’s a lot to consider with our little timeminds, I know.  But that’s what life actually is, even though it is very hard for us to grasp.  So, we use these little examples, such as the filmstrip, or animals that live outside of time, to help us consider these things and come closer to an understanding.  But I do not want to mislead you. We will never understand through these examples.  Please don’t expect to.  It can only be pointed to through these examples.  Seek the answer, and you will know the answer when you are prepared to hear it and see it.  As usual, it’s already right there, staring you in the face.  And we prime our consciousness of this possibility when we realize that time is an illusion that moves these things past our limited and fixed focus, this lens we call US.  But time is a tool, like a periscope, that can help us see in a certain way that we would not see otherwise.  Time is a teacher, it is a guidepost, it organizes, and it is there from the very beginning of this particular awareness we call US, so we do not question it’s authority.  But it is authority WE have transiently granted it, and one day we will not need it any more.  We already use a different and more lenient default program of time (and space) when we go into the trance each evening that we so blithely call sleep.  There, time stands still, or if we do dream, time does not follow the rules it follows when we switch back to this other focused trance that we’ve come to call “awake”.  We’ll eventually test these parameters and learn that, while they are real, they are not fact.  They are our creation.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.