In direct creating, you first call it forward though what you view as the physical.  You bring your help from around you, still not fully trusting that this help you bring in from “other sources” could just as easily be brought out of thin air.  But you do not trust yet that this can happen.  All you can manage is that others will arrive to aid you somehow, to fill what you feel you need, what you desire.  But commanding it to appear from nowhere is as easily accomplished, and probably faster and more direct.  But you do not trust yet, you do not believe.  You must still interact with what you view as “without”, as you clearly do not realize yet that there is no “without”, it is all within.


There is an awkward period where your trust in “without” alone fails, but you do not fully trust yet that you are calling it forward.  So, you believe in nothing, no help.  It’s an awkward time.  Like riding a bicycle, you may fall over quite a few times before you transition to fully trusting that you are bringing what you need and want forward, before you get your balance.


You innately contain all abilities.  When you learn to walk, you didn’t dissect it, you just knew you wanted to, and knew you could, and eventually you did, without the foggiest idea of mechanics.  You did it through your knowing, your trust that you could, and by getting up and going about it.  You may fall, initially, but if you don’t give up, you will prevail.


We have been instructed to follow instructions, a plan, but this ability lies in what you call your subconscious (though nothing is unconscious to you.).  Nothing is unconscious to you, it is more a manner of what you elect to see, what fits in with your current set of beliefs.  But we find it useful to call it our ‘unconscious’ because it is not accessed in the same manner as our conscious.  So we call it unconscious, but that doesn’t mean it is away from you.  A locked door is still called a locked door, even when you stand alongside it with the key.  But it something you may access any time you wish.  You hold the key.