Less Talk, More Do



I need to tell you something.  Many of you have begun to wonder why I have been quiet lately, and though I have hinted at it here and there, I need to stop and tell you what is going on, because some of you may have already felt these urges, too, and really didn’t know where to place them, or what to think.


You see, as we begin to awaken, we find ourselves in a state of collecting information.  We go here and there, trying on different theories, and discarding what doesn’t seem to fit.  Eventually, we find authentic voices that resonate deeply within us, and we listen to them.  We listen because we hear ourselves speaking in these voices, and it this echo is soothing to us.  Sometimes these voices even begin to speak from within us, as we go on to directly tap the source of this fountain of awareness first hand.  Sharing what we are uncovering is a source of intimacy and joy to both ourselves, and those we share with.


And then, somewhere along the line, we eventually we go on to deeper assimilation of these messages, things that are more difficult to effectively verbalize.  Our focus and desire shifts from talking about it, to wanting to do it, to BE it, because these deeper messages aren’t things to discuss, they are things to DO.  You find your balance within them by DOING them, and talking about them, at least for the moment, isn’t nearly as interesting or effective for you as doing them, and you are caught up in this doing.  And you fall silent for a time.


Since I closed my previous video Reconciliation with an analogy of a painter, I’ll use it here again.  It’s like at first you find OUT about painting, and you are very curious.  You look into different types of painting, finally finding instruction that resonates with you, and you are content to sit and learn all about it, and discuss it, and share your opinions and preferences with your peers.  Then one day, something clicks, and you’ve heard all you need to hear for the moment.  You have no real desire to continue to sit and talk about it.  You want to paint.  That’s all you want to do.  You want to do what you have learned.  And what can you do?  There’s nothing left to do but go and paint. 


Following this analogy, I suspect there will be a time shortly when I am called back more frequently to the circle, but not to tell you about what can be done, but to show you what I HAVE done, Because, like these deeper messages that I am assimilating, paintings are hard to discuss and effectively convey, but one glance at the painting, and you will see for yourself in a way that words cannot bring you, not even my silly words and images that I compile in these videos.  What if I could demonstrate these things, capture them on video even perhaps, not just point to them off in the distance.  How great would your belief grow then?   


And whether or not I can demonstrate them to you, still, I must paint right now.  I must do.  But here’s the thing:  AS I ‘DO’, I become.  And what I become repaints the whole world.  So it might seem like I am quiet sometimes, but I am only painting in broader strokes, because when change ourselves, we change our world, and we do it much more directly and effectively than when we only contemplate change, or contemplate painting.  When we get up and DO, we are completing the trinity of SEEING BELIEVING and DOING.  We bring it into this world, and make it manifest.

And so that is what I am doing right now. 


“Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world.  The sun is simply bright.  It does not correct anyone.  Because it shines, the whole world is full of light.  Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.”  Ramana Maharshi


By being do we become that which in fact, we already are.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.