More on Aliens/UFO’s



This is a revolutionary video.  Take a good look around right now, because you may not see your world the same way again.  I hope you see it more accurately.  And I hope you are ready to hear this.


What I am about to say goes hand in hand with my earlier videos that talk about acceptance of our doing in all  we encounter coupled with the power to change it, once this acceptance has been acquired - once we take ownership.  Because you cannot truly change what is not yours to change, what does not rest in your hand by one means or another.  You must own it. 


And to see this larger Truth I am pointing at, we must first tidy up some areas.  Now, these may be areas that you are already somewhat aware of and perhaps are in various stages of accepting.  But to see what I am pointing to today, we must, even if only for this video, hold these truths firmly in our mind.  The tendency to snap back into the familiar story we have told ourselves for so long will be strong, so be aware of that and for at least the duration of this video, try to hold these truths firmly in your mind.  Stay with me.


The first area we must tidy up is our belief about our consciousness.  We tend to take great pride in our consciousness, and with good reason – we believe it to be the vehicle through which all great discoveries are made.  But if we see our consciousness more accurately, we see that it is actually the opposite, in a way.  It is more of a limiter, a binder, a blinder that it is a vehicle of discovery, believe it or not.  What we perceive as our consciousness is only a tiny portion of our mind.  It is a tiny room in a vast, endless sea of our actual awareness.  I know this may come as a surprise, but our consciousness is a constriction, a focus.  It limits what comes into our awareness. What this means is that there are all sorts of things going on all the time.  Well, they aren’t ‘going on’ because time doesn’t actually exist, but nevertheless, there they are.  But we don’t see them because we have on blinders of sorts, and this blinder is our consciousness, believe it or not.  The very thing we think makes us aware and so smart is actually closer to a limiting mechanism.  With this consciousness, we don’t see all that is happening/not happening all around us.  We only see a little bit, and this little bit is what we call our world, our reality, and it is actually being projected by us.

Our consciousness works hand in hand with time.


No doubt, some of you will find what has been pointed to here more than you can currently allow, and that’s fine.  The Truth will find you whenever you are ready.  But others of you will hear this echo within yourself and, as incredible and perhaps uncomfortable as it may initially be, you will begin to unwind this Truth within yourself until it is fully known to you.


Because IMHO, our biggest source of confusion with correctly seeing Aliens and UFO’s largely stems from our concept of time. Time isn’t real, but is more of a metal convenience.  Time allows us to experience things one at a time, otherwise, we are born and also die in the same moment, take our first steps and notice our first grey hair, all at once, and that would be weird, wouldn’t it?.  Time makes our version of reality more like a ball of string that we have unwound and so we can place our experiences on different points.


Today, a deeper understanding dropped into my awareness.  To listen to it, you must allow me a few points: First we must agree that our world is our personal projection.  Furthermore (and much harder to swallow) you must realize that everyone you meet is a fragment of you.  Literally.  Don’t like them? Blame yourself! :-D  Seriously, with this awareness you can ‘will’ a different reality and experience for you and your ‘flock’, like the great shepherd and his sheep.  They follow YOU.


Once you have these things held firmly in mind, then you can begin to see some things that are difficult to explain, and in this case, I am talking about the matter of ufos/aliens/whatever.  What are they?  WHO are they?


Ok- hold on to your seat:  What we call our consciousness is actually a limited portion of our awareness.  What this means is that there are all sorts of things going on all the time.  Well, they aren’t ‘going on’ because time doesn’t exist, but nevertheless, there they are.  But we don’t see them because we have on blinders of sorts, and this blinder is our consciousness, believe it or not.  The very thing we think makes us aware and so smart is actually closer to a limiting mechanism.  With this consciousness, we don’t see all that is happening/not happening all around us.  We only see a little bit, and this little bit is what we call our world, our reality, and it is actually being projected by us.


Still there?  Good.  So, everything we see is actually an expression of something internal.  The way your body seems to look is an expression of certain internal thoughts.  The people in your life are all expressions of internal thoughts and opinions and beliefs that you express in a certain way, and this ‘way’ is what we call ‘people’.  In this same way, ufos/aliens are expressions of us as well, and they seem to show up when we are consciously or unconsciously drawing closer to the Truth.  They are the personification of Higher Knowledge, of things beyond us, beyond our control and being accustomed to the top position of what we think of as the food chain, this is a new experience for us, and we do what we always do – we try to understand this new experience within the framework of our known experience.  And so they are our expression of the fear we feel at this new insight looming on our internal horizon, that we instinctively know might jeopardize the world we know.  It might rearrange life as we know it.  We are becoming ‘ripe’ and beginning to become aware that things aren’t what they seem, although we may not even be consciously aware of this at the time. So UFO/Aliens are our expressions of fear of the unknown, of feeling vulnerable, of feeling out of control and helpless to this higher wisdom, in the same way that the people you think you ‘know’ in your life are fractal components of You that you have externalized either to learn to deal with it better, because it would be much harder to recognize these pieces of us and fine tune them if we left it all intact.  So, we project people and things and this whole world so that we have people and places and things that we love and fire our passion, and also that we externalize facets of ourselves that still need acceptance and fine-tuning.  I can sit here right now and clearly see how each of you that I’ve come to know are so definitely a part of me, just as I am a part of you.  That is, if there WAS a me or you, or a here or there for that matter.  But there isn’t.  What IS is far more wonderful than our mortal minds can easily grasp.  Confusing to our current way of thinking, perhaps, it’s not only more effective, but it is much more fun this way. 


So, back to aliens/ufos - Many people express them as something to fear, and no wonder – they are heralding great change in your world as you know it, and you see this change coming, but you don’t usually have a reference point for what is beginning to leak into your awareness (whether that is conscious or unconscious).  So who can blame those who see their external projection of this internal event as something to fear. Then, there are the others who manage to not react fearfully and are amazed and perhaps overwhelmed, but welcome them, and feel little fear, but more wonder, more awe.  Either way is just an individual reaction that will be worked through according to the individual, one more pleasant perhaps, but these are reactions we have based on the beliefs that we currently cling to.


So, we make them.  And that may sound weird, but then again, WE MAKE EVERYTHING.  We do.  Your family, your job, your sunset, your disease, your good fortune, so if you constantly realign your mind to this truth (and I know it keeps wanting to snap back into it’s old frame, but pin it down here at least until we are finished) and by our hand they seem to appear, just like everyone else you externally project, when this wall begins to drop within us.  They herald this change.  Some people fear them, and some do not.  Some people have many, many experiences with them before they move beyond needing their manifestation, while another may need only one nudge, and it may not even be one that makes it into our consciousness.  It all depends on you.


I mean, think with me here for a moment: Isn’t it curious that if aliens were supposed to be coming here, sampling us or whatever, they have shown NO interest in those who are truly enlightened?  It’s always those who are in this transitional spot, where they are consciously or unconsciously giving up old belief patterns and moving into new, more true beliefs.  And the little guys seem to be the herald of this, the way we express this coming forward in our awareness.  So, some make them ‘real’ in our projected world.  Some only see suspicious lights in the sky, or crop circles left overnight.  Some only dream of them, or observe their appearance in their subconscious.  The amount and frequency is set by us. 


But they are the manifestation of this change projected externally into our world, or our dreams and subconscious.  Some fear this higher knowledge, and manifest experiences of pain and fright, of violations and examinations, that they are being tested upon because they are different from the aliens.  Others do not fear this change so much, and have much more pleasant projections.  Its all up to us.


So, are they real?  As real as anyone else in your world. :-D  And this answer goes for anything else spooky or supernatural, again, there is always everything going on around us all the time and it is our consciousness, the very thing we believe to be so perceptive, who’s main duty is to screen all this other stuff out, it makes us blind to it until such a time that we can relate to it.  Otherwise, it would overwhelm our timeline that is so critical to the way we now experience things one by one, day by day. Because in Truth, that ain’t happening.  We are making it seem, yes, we are isolating our perspectives with our consciousness, but there is so much going on right now that we cannot even comprehend it, well – it isn’t necessarily going on because that requires being yoked to a timeline, but nevertheless, there it all sits in the void in this eternal state.  Our focus upon it, whether deliberately or unconsciously by way of harmonics, is what seems to activate it, it bring these things into our world and onto this timeline, which is why I say be careful what you focus upon, and how important it is to know how what is in your mind. And now you know why.


So ufos, aliens, ghosts, all things considered paranormal are all at the ready, whenever we cue them up.  Your bedroom, your family, your new car, your flower garden, your dentist, your grandma’s peach cobbler are all at the ready.  They all play a role in this particular focus, this particular you – they ARE this you, believe it or not.  Which isn’t to say you can do what you want with no regret because there is no one there to hurt, because to harm another is to inevitably harm yourself.  This is a law.  And this playing platform, the platform of the universe, has certain rules, certain laws – all platforms must be defined in order that things can have action, just like in a gaming program.  And you are learning the rules to this platform right now, but whether you consciously acknowledge them or not, they are running their defaults.  In fact, the only way you can affect the defaults is to recognize them and deliberately learn them, and the act of doing this makes it impossible to think harm to another…even if they are only your external projection.  Remember, YOU, Paul, Mark, Robert are your external projection, too.


I personally had my first ufo encounter (that I am aware of) semi-consciously in the form of a dream.  Until that dream, I hadn't realized that I had NEVER had the teeniest dream of ufos/aliens although in my early years I was an avid sci-fi-er and even liked horror (not slasher horror, sci-fi horror) and in retrospect I can see that both of these venues were clues that I was interested in the possibility that things might be different than they superficially seem, and I was right, by the way.  I loved it.  But I had never had one ufo/alien dream – ever.  Until that night when my son was an infant and my world as I knew it had spent the last year crashing down around my shoulders.  Things were indeed changing.  And the dream herald these changes by virtue of it’s appearance.


So, aliens/ufos/what-have-you are all projections, and that’s not so weird when you realize that you and your world are also projections.  Yes, you could say they were part of our future just as you might say Atlantis was part of our past, but since time doesn’t really exist, these would be moot points to belabor.  Why do they appear in only certain ways?  It is my intuition that these are apparently some sort of archetypal expressions that we are encoded to produce, whether consciously or unconsciously.  And though most see them as an expression of their own fear, the rarer individual sees them differently as benevolent, as bringing help and goodwill.  So, it depends on you, and you will work it out in the end.


It’s all real, but not really real.  You are encountering the contents of your mind as it moves toward understanding this that it instinctively seeks, like a baby to it’s Mother’s breast.  It is nothing more. And it is nothing less. To know what you are looking at, learn to look at everything that appears in your world in two ways:


The first way is your normal way.  For example, you are aware of this person who calls herself unASLEEP, sitting here and typing out thoughts that make their way into your world.  She's just some lady, somewhere, doing some things.  And then, you must look at me a second way:  Why am I in your world?  What part of your puzzle am I bringing you, and what are you bringing me?  Together, what song are we singing?  What do I represent in you?  And what do you represent in me?  Because it's something.  If it were not something, we would not be here.  You would have no experience of me. 


Do you see?


And in the same way, should ET appear in your world, look at him in both these ways.  Because the first way is only consequential.  The real way of looking at whatever appears in your world should expose it's root to you, or as deeply as you can currently go.


Because this is learning to see.



I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.