Less Is More


The planes of existence that we call dimensions are also nested fractals, like nesting dolls.  Everything inside of a larger doll, including the space within the smaller dolls, is part of the larger dolls space and interior.  Stick a rod through all the dolls.  Perspective will dictate whether each section of the rod is acknowledged with what that part is experiencing due to it being present there, or looking at the whole rodwtf?  Keep thinking


If time and space are illusions, what does faster than the speed of light have to do with anything?   Does lightspeed even exist for perspectives above 4th dimension?  If your perspective shifts to above the 4th dimension, wont it cease to exist as a limitation for you?


The Void contains everything.  It is full.  When something seems defined in space, then it is actually less full than when it was only empty space/void, because it has now dedicated itself to being only one thing.  So, rather than becoming more when something seems to appear, we actually experience less, because before it was all potential, and now it has regulated itself to seem to appear as only this one thing. 


And this is also true for our world as we know it:  The act of definition actually limits.  Its no longer potentially everything and anything it is this.  With nothing appearing, all potential is present.  When something appears, the fullness of the void collapses to default to this particular thing instead of the all in that particular example. 


So less is more the void contains everything.


The nonlocal wave state contains everything, and the perceived particle state presents the selected or defined results.