The Backlash



Beware the backlash! :-D  Why is it that sometimes when we seem to try our most earnest to smooth our path, to change our ways, it seems to blow up in our face, and the opposite thing you want to happen happens?  Itís happened to me, it still happens to me, and I will tell you what Iíve noticed about whatís going on with this annoying little all too common phenomenon.   In a nutshell, hereís whatís happening:  Weíre abruptly turning left when before we were turning right.  Itís oh so simple, but still so hard to see at the moment, so hereís an example:  Say for example you spent all weekend in serene, blissful meditation, envisioning putting your life on a peaceful, supportive path, surrounded by people who encourage you and are kind to you and are rewarding to be around.  Monday morning comes and suddenly, itís like someone waved an evil magic wand and the next thing you know, youíre not in peaceful la-la landÖ..oh noÖin fact, there are tons of people and events in your life that seem to be actively out to get you!  Your boss fires the other assistant and expects you to simply absorb their work load. Great. Then, the sure-thing loan to buy the home of your dreams that youíve saved for all your life somehow falls through.  Fabulous.  To top it all off, when you get home, your steady-eddie partner of 10 yrs tells you they think it would be good for you two to take a break.  Oh yeah.  Then, as you watch them pack their things, you go to fix yourself a pick me up espresso, and find your beloved machine broken.  And as you stand in your kitchen, numbly clicking the off/on switch of your uncooperative espresso machine, you notice your dog has apparently dug out under his fence and is nowhere to be seen. Just peachy. To top it all off, when you go to retrieve your 23 messages later that evening, your device unexplainably deletes them before you access them.   Crap.  What the heck is going on here?  You wanted peace, serenity, a new focus, and all you seem to be getting is a hassle, the opposite of what you wanted.


It is a confusing situation at first glance, so here is where you need to dust off your larger perspective and take a good look before you panic.  How was your life before?  If you asked for peace and serenity, maybe it wasnít so peaceful and serene, was it?  And thatís what you wanted.  Peace.  So, itís like your life before was going one way, and then all of a sudden, you say you actually want to go another way.  You wanted to move in a different direction than you were before, and the Universe (which is still also you) will rush in to provide you this in the most direct way, oftentimes by motivating you to move you away from the people and events that werenít going to support this new, more peaceful existence you requested.  They were leftovers from your previous directions (which are often unconsciously made), and now youíve made a new request and so in some cases, itís out with the old, and in with the new.  Per your request, you will be channeled into events that sometime seem bad on the surface, but are actually fulfilling your request and taking you where you want to go.  To fulfill the peace and serenity you asked for (in this example) might mean it would be in your interest to be provoked to quit your job and try something different.  It might be in your best interest that you not tie yourself down financially with that new house OR that specific partner.  And maybe your caffeine habit was causing you more stress than you realized, as well as your dog who made you the unofficial pariah of the neighborhood by frequently barking all night at nothing, keeping you awake and annoying your neighbors.  And maybe your 23 messages was a sign that you stay way to busy to give yourself any time to reflect. 


So on the surface, your day seemed to be the opposite of what you asked for, but actually, it was the gears of your request springing into action, in the act of manifesting, of moving out and deleting the things in your life that do not support this new desire.  If you were going one way, and now you requested to go another, it can sometimes look like a train wreck. It can.  We have to have the perspective to see what is happening. And, itís not always a train wreck Ė Iíve had it go amazingly smooth before, so donít worry.  But sometimes it does.  Sometimes it does. 


I hope this helps unwind a bit of confusion that we all experience at one time or another when we make significant changes in our life.  These changes may seem small on the surface, but their roots grow deep within us, and their removal may cause quite an upheaval.  The other most common reason for the upheaval is resistance to this change we request and want, but fear.  Sometimes we are sending out mixed messages this way.  On one hand we are saying ďChange!Ē but on the other we are secretly thinking ďNO!  Stay the sameĒ and it may turn into a similar mess, but nothing evolves from this mess, nothing clear, it doesnít move on to better things.  Itís just a mess, muddied waters of your indecision. 


In either case, the cure is to be aware of what is going on.  If you are muddying your waters, sending mixed messages, have a positive talk with yourself and help yourself to stop having this conflict within yourself.  And if itís simply the fingerprints of change, the gears of your request springing into action, be happy, and know what it is that you are looking at.  See it is the change you requested that is changing out some of the things in your world.  Pat yourself on the back for manifesting what you want, and expect it to happen.  Watch for it, and do not get in your own way.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.