Bride and Groom


I usually try to keep my videos PG13 , butÖÖI may not quite succeed in this video, but Iíll try.  Forgive me, but you will easily see that the examples I use are the best and clearest ones, for reasons that will soon be obvious, but I do apologize if I offend anyone.


As I have mentioned in other videos, there is a polarity, and yin yang, a male and female relation going on all around us.  Itís everywhere you look and in everything you do.  And in the case of choosing what you would like to manifest, this action is masculine.  The directive is a masculine action, but this does not mean that only males can do it, of course.  There is the pairing of both masculine and feminine again within each male, as well as within each female.


Once the directive is initiated, the feminine rushes to actually bring forward that which has now been called forward.  Without the feminine, the male directive would be useless.  Without the male directive, the feminine would have no opportunity to bring forth, because nothing would have been called.  Do you see this?  It is a cooperation, two parts of the whole spinning in unison.

This is what was meant in saying # 114 of the Gospel of Thomas:

 Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life."

Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

This wasnít a misogynistic statement.  It was pointing to a higher truth that I am trying to point to today and that truth was, each of us must first realize that it is our hand that turns our world, and then begin to cast our seed, to make our world the way we want it to be.  We must rise and become that which we are, realizing that the coats of skin we wear have little to do with this particular perspective of male/female pairing.  The male and female robes of skin we wear are meant for a different dichotomy on a different level.  On the creation level, we must all be male. The Unseen, that which is more subtle and female, will rise without a word to manifest what we have called.  I know this may be confusing, but listen with your heart and I hope you will hear me. 

Each one of us becomes the Christ of our world, and the world, which is our feminine pairing, joyously brings forth that which we have called.  You must broaden your perspective to see this.  You, whether you walk around as a male or a female, are the bridegroom.  You are the Christ.  And when we awaken in this body of a beast and realize this, our bride awaits and cannot wait for this holiest of unions.  And your bride, your feminine partner, is your world.  This is the medium you now work in.  Mirroring this spiritual union, you were born of the feminine, but brought forth in pain.  Now you will bring forth with joy, and your consecration with this world of yours is brought a step closer, and you see your true union.  It has nothing to do with the gender you identify yourself with on a daily basis.  So spiritually, whether you wear boxers or panties, each of us must become male, the bridegroom and unite with our bride, our medium, our world.

So, how does his happen?  Mirroring our physical representation, first of all, our intent must be clear.  And firm.  Otherwise, it just wonít work well.  Forgive me, but each of us must rise to the situation and be very specific.  But donít worry Ė I wonít go into the details here because, well, Iím afraid my analogies would drift into a R rating and anyhow, just like physical intimacy, you will find your way to this with or without me telling you.  It is an innate coupling, a joining that needs no words of explanation. 

So, now I hope you can use your flexible perspective to slide along these seemingly contradicting lines of thought: 

This world of yours is your clay.  Begin to learn to mold it.  It yields to your touch.  It waits for your touch.  It yearns for your conscious and deliberate touch.

But also know that you are of this clay, a product of your own creation, brought forth out of unconscious desire, and you did not know that your desire would bear fruit. -You werenít even conscious of the desire, much less connected the action and with the results.  Now, you know of this intimate connection, and you may begin to guide it.

You are the bridegroom.  This world is your joyful bride.  Show her only love. It is with this divine love that she is quickened.  Lift her from her poverty and fear, and set her by your side.  She is yours.  She waits on you as she has done from the beginning of time, and she has faithfully brought forth your fitful dreams.  Now that you have awakened, what will you bring forth together?  Fill her with divine love, love her as you love yourself, for she IS you.  She is your pairing, your reflection in this cosmic mirror.  Love her.

I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.