Real, But Not Really Real


Everything we seem to encounter in this dimension, everything we think of as ‘reality’, is actually only a crude representation of something else in a higher dimension. Everything.


So, all discussions, all examples, all theories, all ways of thinking about these things are, by nature, flawed.  It is never the whole picture, but rather, only as much of it as is able to fit within the frame that we are looking out from.


And here’s the problem - we are seeking conclusions, definitions that cannot be described from within these limited frames.  But we don’t see this, we only sense an uncomfortable open-endedness to our thoughts and examples.  And so, to give them at least the appearance of conclusion, and if not of conclusion, of at least agreed-to trajectory, we tend to group these ideas into categories.  Sounds like a good idea.  But by these acts of segregation, we inadvertently create schools of thought which, by nature of their creation, will seem to disagree with each other.  Do you see?


And as we explore these ideas, these schools of thought, whether they be of religion, or science, or education, or otherwise, we tend to associate ourselves into whichever category appeals to our perspective at that moment.  But by this association, we not only inadvertently segregate ourselves, but we limit the blossoming, the movement, of Truth within us.  We saddle it up.  Put a bit in it’s mouth and tell it that it may go here, but not here.  We try to make it stay on the path we define.  And superficially, this act that we will define as ‘direction’ (but is actually limitation) feels effective, logical, right.  It seems a natural progression, a natural advance, and besides, everyone is doing it.  Everyone is saddling up the steed of their choice, and riding it around, seeing it as the correct vehicle to get them where they want to go.


But, to go where you really want to go, you must give up all vehicles.  You won’t have the comfort of saddling up any familiar steed and using it to traverse the landscape you want to explore.  You have to get off your steed of science, or religion, or other school of thought.  Get off, slap him on his fanny, and let him go.  Because you don’t need his interpretation of this landscape you wish to explore.  Your feet, not his, needs to touch, to negotiate, this holy ground.  You don’t need him to act as an intermediary, to manage this experience for you, just like you do not need any religion or science or other school of thought to frame the Truth for you.  So, if you are a sincere seeker, get off.  That is my challenge to you today.  Walk this with you own feet, with me.  Let me show you what I’ve seen, and then, you go wherever you feel directed to go.


However, this doesn’t mean you will never ride again.  You will, especially when you are relating to others who still ride.  I ride alllll the time, whenever it is transiently useful or appropriate.  Many of you have noticed this and have written me and been very sweet and complimentary of me because what I point to seems without the usual dogma or agenda.  And thank you, btw, for noticing.  I try.   But the reason I am able to do this is because sometimes I walk it by foot, and sometimes, I ride by horse, other times a burro, or a lama, or occasionally something really exotic, like a dolphin, or a lightning bolt, or an electron, or a poem.  Sometimes, I mix and match so I may use the interpretations that transiently riding these vehicles afford me, because sometimes they are helpful in getting my point across.  But I am not attached to any of them.  And neither can you be, if you want to see this thing you want to see.


This video expresses some very deep and very far-reaching points.  To try to convey them, I am going to ride, well, anything I need to.   And you are going to begin to notice an exciting thing today – that many, many of the popular ways that we like to talk about Truth here in this dimension, are actually the very same thing.  At least bits and pieces bits of the exact same topics,  and we can see this when we strip them down, remove their labels, take a step or two back for perspective.  We’ll see that this labeling is the Tower of Babel in action, that we are all speaking of the same thing but no one can understand the other, because we aren’t using the same language, or expression.  And over time, this segregation gets away from itself and begins to add things, to tweak things, because it seems correct from that particular dialect or perspective, and since the sharing of perspectives has largely ceased, there is little to keep these add-ons in check.  And these add-ons are the chaff that must be removed from the wheat.  The chaff is not useful for our purposes, and we must be brutally honest and willing to beat it away from the grains of Truth, and allow it to blow away in the wind, without a second thought. 


Because this is where I hope to take you today.  This is a really big topic, and I’m sure we will revisit it again and again, so don’t worry if you don’t get it all at first.  But we have to start somewhere.  Just take your time acclimating, considering these things I am pointing to.  If they don’t resonate with you, you can just sit with them.  Visit with them for awhile.  Get used to them, and see what you think in a little bit.  You may have changed your mind. They may resonate much stronger then. 


And I’ll warn you right up front that if any of you are planning to demand external, irrefutable proof, then you poor dears have wandered into the wrong video, because I will have nothing but gestures and pointing to offer you, because if this understanding we are trying to point to today could be easily said, it would have been said long ago by much better men than I.  Anyhow, why would we try to use tools of this dimension to define and test something that is beyond this dimension?  Isn’t that a silly idea?  You would get a partial meaning that way, at best.


It has been said:   For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians 13:12



We are naturally equipped to hear what we are trying to hear.  Those of you who have learned how to hear on your own, without any extraneous devices or queries or debates or comparisons, will be able to hear these words, and they will find root, and grow within you, according to your season.  Because let’s all remember my opening statement


Everything we seem to encounter in this dimension, everything we think of as ‘reality’, is actually only a crude representation of something else in a higher dimension. Everything.


So, all discussions, all examples, all theories, all ways of thinking about these things are, by nature, flawed.  It is never the whole picture, but rather, only as much of it as is able to fit within the frame that we have elected to look out from.


So, the examples I use today are not the highest Truth.  They are only a representation of it, as best as I can spin for you.  And by making you aware of this, we have set the stage with the acceptance that you will have to make the leap to see what I am pointing to.  You.  So, with that said, let’s begin.


Please join me in part 2


Welcome back to part 2This is exciting stuff.  But I can only point to it.  You will have to make the leap.  But I can tell you, I have really been blown away by what I’ve seen, and it is what I have been keeping quiet about, what I have been looking into on the side.  What I hope you will begin to see by the end of this video is a much clearer view of what we have called our “bottom shelf’, an amazing view of it, a view that finally answers the question that I personally have had burning within me, and I’m sure many of you have quietly wrestled with it as well, and it has to do with manifestation, with your influence upon what happens in your life.  My question was basically this:  Why is it that on one day, I can seem to move mountains.  Miraculous things seem to effortlessly line up.  Sometimes even things I didn’t even really want that badly, things I wasn’t trying to consciously make happen, but they did indeed pass through my awareness and now, goodness gracious, here they come much to my amusement and disbelief. 


So, why is it that sometimes it works, and other times, it doesn’t, no matter how sincere I am, or how hard I try?  No matter WHAT I try.  It just doesn’t work.  Why these inconsistencies?  What is going on?  Am I just imagining my affect upon my reality?  Is it all coincidence?


These are the things I wanted to know.  What larger hand was moving here that I could not see?  What was swooping in and overriding my intentional manifestations?


So, I began to try and see why sometimes things worked and sometimes they didn’t.  And I noticed that a very broad area of such example lay in the healing arts.  Sometimes they seemed to work, and sometimes they didn’t.  So here was an everyday example for me to go into.  And as I looked into the different types of healing, I seemed to find an endless list.  There are those who use crystals, those who use reflexology, who use traditional western medicines, or eastern medicines, those who visualize chakras, those who do the laying on of hands, those who heal at a distance, who heal with words, who heal with acupuncture, who heal with vibrations, or colors, or music, those who heal with body postures, like yoga,  or tai chi, those who heal unknowingly with placebos, those who imagine moving energy and/or light into the affected areas or persons, those who heal by prayer, those who use incantations, those who use rituals,  those who heal by visualizations, those who go to sacred locations to be healed, those who heal with magnets, those who heal with blessed objects like holy water, or special ashes, or other objects that are imagined as blessed, those who heal by tapping on their bodies, I mean, if you can imagine it, I think it is out there.  I have only mentioned those that come to mind as I write this – I am certain there are many, many more here that I am overlooking because there are indeed so many.   So many ways.  It’s staggering.  And even more staggering is that each of these different ways can point to actual healings that supposedly occurred because of their method.  Each and every one. 


And so the very first thing that jumped out at me was that perceived method didn’t seem to really matter.  Each method could point to results, and each would also have to admit  failures. So what was behind each of these methods that seemed to provide results AND, what was behind each of their failures as well.  Because whatever it was, it had the same fingerprints of whatever was causing my seeming inconsistencies, all over it.  This was the shadow of the larger hand moving in my life that I had sensed, but couldn’t see.  This was what I was looking for.  I could sense it applied straight across the board, not only to healings, but everyday life.  This was what seemed to cancel out my requests sometimes, no matter how sincere I was.  It was also the same thing that seemed to quickly manifest other things that I barely asked for.  Now, the only question that remained was, what was it?


Here is what I came to see, and it has been described in so many ways so many times before - sometimes nearly completely, sometimes just bits and pieces of it.  Because I could see we’re all talking about the same thing here, but our tower of Babel-like affinity with categorization makes sharing information difficult and awkward between categories.  Our segregations mean we have a hard time seeing past the differences to the similarities within.  Because, for the most part, it’s all just various ways we have come to try and express the exact same thing:  Which is, the inexpressible.


But back to our question at hand “Why do we seem to be able to move mountains some days, but not on others?”  What is causing this inconsistency? What causes the ability to heal, and the ability to fail to heal, across each and every method out there?  What universal thing was governing this?  With this type of inconsistency, it isn’t hard to see why there God seems to have two faces, and why fate, chaos, karma and caste evolved as attempts to explain.  And going back to some of my earlier videos, why is it that we can seem to clean our bottom shelf, but still have unaccountable experiences show up in our lives? 


Well, first of all, not one of us here today truly has a clean bottom shelf.  Myself included.  It may look clean to us now, but only because our vision is in various stages of maturity. It’s like asking a five year old to clean his room,  What he thinks is clean, and what his mother will think is clean, are two very different things.  And right now, we’re still a little like the five year old.  We don’t realize that it isn’t really clean until it is pointed out to us, until we are specifically shown these other things that have been left untidy or unattended.  Until then, it looks good to us, and we’re confused by any other opinion of it.


And one way these things that still need tidying up often become apparent to us is by way of these inconsistencies.  They flag us that we are still only seeing through that glass darkly, and make us go in search of an answer. So, they’re good.  These things that drive us crazy, or break our hearts, or scare us to death, or work us to death, are actually good.  They are our friends.  They get our attention, and show us where there are still missing pieces, things we have been overlooked.


And I think many of us here today actually do understand that.  I do.  But even with this understanding, how do we do it when we just can’t seem to see what is happening?  Well, this is what I hope to point to today.  I hope to point to some of these things, and help you towards your ah-ha! moment, where you begin to see how these other pieces fit.


Please join me in part 3 to see how these pieces fit



Welcome to part three, beginning to see how these pieces fit.  Ok.  Lets start simple.  SUPER simple.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with those wooden baby puzzles, little cut-outs made to specifically match a corresponding place on a puzzle board.   Only certain pieces can go certain places.  Now, what goes where is really easy to detect with mature eyes, but somewhat of a challenge when we are still new at it.  And spiritually, we’re still new.  We barely have a clue. 


So what we are beginning to realize today is that we are like this puzzle board.  Our life is like this board, and we have selected certain shapes, certain patterns, and they cover our personal unseen world like feathers on a bird.  They are everywhere.  And they are very real, and very personal.  Yours are different from mine.  They are unique to you. And we walk around with our unseen body covered with them, with all these holes, like a puzzle board.  And, like a puzzle board, only certain pieces can fit in these places.  So, no matter how hard we try to fit the duck piece into the bunny shaped hole, it just won’t fit.  Though sometimes, if we are very stubborn, we pretend it fits for a while, and it might sit there askew for a bit, but it will eventually fall out.  It didn’t fit.


Though virtually all possibilities swirl around you at all times, the only ones that will attach to you and become one with your experience are the ones that fit into the holes you have in your unseen body.. 


So, in a real world example, we can take this information and see the reason behind why we may always find ourselves in a relationship where our partner abandons us, or lets us down.  That is the unconscious shape that you have available for relationship pieces, and only the puzzle pieces that fit into that shape, that requirement, will find their way to your puzzle board of existence and become part of your life experience.  Do you see what I am pointing to here?  This is the psychic shape of the relationship that you are unconsciously asking for.  Oftentimes hidden beliefs will carve out these shapes in our unseen world, and though we could just as easily choose from any other selection, this shape, this profile, is the only one we will seem to get because it matches our pattern.  Do you see?  So, no matter how much you want and try to manifest a better partner, that partner won’t be able to show up until you change YOUR shape.  And this can indeed be the hardest thing to do.  I mean, it’s right at our fingertips.  We can do it anytime.  But habits can be hard to break, sometimes we will have to constantly police these changes, and make sure we don’t fall back into these comfortable patterns.  Othertimes, we can do a quick about-face, and never look back.  And once we DO change our pattern, once we carve out a new shape and define the parameters of into something truly different, then guess what?  We won’t be able to attract the let-down type of partner. He’ll just bounce off.  Walk right past.  Nothing will click between you.  There will be no attraction.  He won’t fit.  Do you see? Now, only pieces that fit this new psychic shape that you now reflect will click with you.  So it sounds complicated at a glance perhaps, but it actually self-corrects.  Simply make the change within you, and what you experience externally will follow, like a shadow


We all have these patterns.  We are covered with them.  They are everywhere.  They’re why you do what you do as you do.  And they even exist in a collective sense.  You can think of these patterns as pieces fitting into a puzzle board, or in a lock and key relation, or as groves we move along, or as harmonics, as tones, we are projecting. Another name they go by is Karma.  Karma is simply the call-back for these patterns repeating unchecked.  And yet another name these patterns go by is the ever-beautiful and intriguing expressions of fractals and sacred geometry.  There is a pattern, a sequence that is unfurling, over and over and over.  Remember, everything we seem to encounter in this world is only a crude representation of what truly exists, and these are beautiful demonstrations of these repeating patterns.  They’re everywhere.  In science, in nature, in music, in art, everywhere. 


 And to make it even more interesting, as I mentioned, these patterns unfurl collectively as well as personally.  They do.  And I don’t really have the time to go into the collective part here today, but know that they do, and we’ll go into that later.   This is what I was intuitively pointing to in earlier videos where I used the metaphor of getting on different boats, of giving your agreement to different groups and how doing so opened you open to experiencing the collective experience of that group.  These are patterns you are agreeing to associate yourselves with to varying degrees.  But well talk more about the collective later because the collective patterns aren’t as important as the personal patterns, because when we correct the personal, the collective issues resolve themselves. 


I’ve also noticed these patterns described by the name of archetypal personality patterns.  I believe we can trace this back as far as to Plato, but Carl Jung is who is credited with  bringing it into modern mainstream, and since then, tons of others have jumped on the bandwagon and further elaborated on these patterns.  In fact, Tarot cards are yet another name for these archetypal patterns, as are the zodiac signs. The twelve disciples, for that matter.  Like I said, it’s been around, hiding under various labels for a long time.  


Jung was smart enough to never even try to make a list, and he was very specific in not doing so.  It wasn’t an oversight.  He knew there were just too many, and in the end, they were all just variations of each other in endless combinations. And I have to give it to Jung.  In a land of science where we love nothing better than to label things to death, he knew better.  But Jung’s wisdom hasn’t deterred a plethora of others to go on about them.  Just Google it and you can find allllll the archetypal personality patterns you want. 


But beware - some who talk about these patterns also talk about ‘sacred contracts’.  Um-um.  Sacred contract are chaff.  Add-ons.  They are not wheat.  They are an attempt at explaining why you have come to be the collection of patterns that you currently hold.  But there are no contracts.  It’s fun to think of our journey this way, very much like we also used to enjoy personifying God, or Allah, or whoever, and like we are personifying these patterns by giving them names.  We enjoy personifying, and identifying things by everyday descriptions because it echoes how we do things in this dimension, and so we relate strongly to it.   It feels comfortable and familiar. But as fetching as the idea may sound, you never set down with a group of angels or whoever, and had an agreement drawn up, any more than a sunflower seed had an agreement drew up when it incarnated.   Didn’t happen. 


Please join me in part 4 to see what did happen:


Welcome to part four.  I’m afraid there are no such thing as contracts, as much as we fancy that idea.  What actually happens is a much more graceful and beautiful movement than a dry, old imaginary contract.  It’s nothing like that at all:  You are the aggregate of all your seeming past experiences.  You might think of this collection as the main pattern you currently unfurl.  And you are this pattern.  Awwww…..and you thought you were a person, didn’t you, didn’t you? Nope.  What you think of as you is this pattern, and this pattern is like a puzzle piece.  It will join and become one with, or seem to come into being only in the environment that agrees with this pattern called you that your localized slice of awareness is unfurling.  What does this mean?  It means you will be born of parents that fit the patterns we are running at birth, these personality traits and tendencies.  Do you see?  That’s your contract and it is no contract at all.  It’s much more like a harmony, like a chord in a song, with certain notes inherently found together.  If you have an ‘outsider’ pattern (which may show up defined as a rebel, an outcast, an outlaw, a revolutionary, or more), you will be born into a family that is very different from you.  It is part of your pattern.  Your rebel puzzle piece (for example) is shaped to fit into the niche of a family who will tend to reject you or view you as different.  And on and on it goes, with endless combinations.  Do you see?


Our experience we call life is a constantly tailored event, fluid and dynamic, always in a state of all possibilities, but following the flow of your pattern, so your pattern may be fulfilled.  So though some archetypes list may be fun, even useful in helping you realize what patterns you are running, please don’t get caught up in it.  There is only what you are doing now, the patterns you are spinning now, and you are not trapped in them, or defined by them.   You resolve the patterns as you become aware of them, and move through them.  You choose your patterns, always.  And patterns can change. 


You might have a victim or martyr pattern repeating in our example of always finding yourself with a partner that abandons you or lets you down, or you may have a rescuer pattern that doesn’t know when to quit.  Or it may be any combination.  Any at all.  The possible patterns we may have unconsciously adopted are endless.  Stop and look and see the patterns in your life. You are certain to find it an eye-opener. But don’t get back on any horse, and please don’t mistake the finger for the moon it is pointing to.


Also, though we won’t go into it with this video, you should also know that active patterns that you are spinning can also be nested.  One within another.  And though theoretically, you may choose from anything, any choice, anything there is to be had in life, the pattern you are spinning will determine which choices that you attempt to make will be successful and come into being.  Do you hear this?  Your pattern will determine which of the choices that you attempt to make will be successful and come into being   I hope you are beginning to see that everything you do is part of one of these patterns, and there must be agreement within your pattern and what you want to experience.  And when it isn’t, these things we thought we could reach out and grab, just manifest, elude us.  And that’s why the seeming inconsistencies.  That’s why.  We’re trying to put a duck piece into a bunny slot.  We are sometimes asking for something that doesn’t have agreement, it doesn’t fit within the pattern we are spinning.  It won’t fit.  To easiest way to get those new pieces we want onto our puzzle board, is to alter our pattern.


Sometimes this is done all at once.  A new choice is made so thoroughly that what we call a miracle seems to appear.  Other times, we may seem to leak, or move more slowly into these new patterns, but what seems to be happening there (to me) is a smaller pattern, a nested pattern, within a larger one is being replaced. Sometimes several, resulting in a greatly changed overall pattern over a period of time, but they may seem to happen slowly.


 And when we change these patterns, other people and experiences will immediately begin to change.  They may move in or out of our lives.  It’s quite remarkable to watch it happen, sometimes a little scary, too at first, until we’ve seen it a few times.  Sometimes people who no longer fit your new pattern will move out, or othertimes they will adapt to your new pattern without a word from you.  They seem to become new people.  And the reason is because this new change in them was within their pattern, maybe they were just looking for an incentive to bring it forward. 


So, it’s all a flux, a wonderful dynamic dance, and I hope you are beginning to see this.  Please join me in part five to talk about changing patterns and more.


Welcome back to part five.  I hope you are beginning to really see these patterns that we spin quietly govern all the various areas of this experience we call life.  You have employment patterns, romantic patterns, patterns that relate to your parents, patterns that relate to how you dress, absolutely everything in your life right now very likely has a pattern, and I hope you are beginning to see that.  And all these patterns add up to you.  The you you see in the mirror is the crude representation in this dimension of your patterns. Isn’t it wild?  And you thought you got your dads eyes and your mothers cheekbones.  Well, you did, sort of, because of the harmonics, the agreement.  And you thought it was your dna, didn’t you.  Well, it is, but wait and hear what I have to say about dna in a moment.


So,  while the higher Truth is that all choices are available to us, the patterns we agree to and set in motion determine what actually makes it into our experience.   This is why we seem to succeed, and why we seem to fail.  This is the answer to our question.   


If you have a victim or martyr pattern in your love life, and you can tell this because you will always seem to be complaining how ‘your latest love has done you wrong’ and your friends and acquaintances would admit you lay the ‘poor me’ on pretty thick.  And if this is the case, expect more. That’s all you are going to get.  ALL your romantic relationships will end up there because you basically told them they must when you elected to play the victim pattern in your love life.  You might have done it because you liked the sympathy, or attention, but this is the price.  Your love interests must end with disappointment, and perceived wrongdoing.


So, how do we break these patterns that we do not want?  See them.  Just truly see them.  If you do truly see the pattern, if you are honest enough to admit to yourself what you are doing, it is very likely you won’t want to continue doing it.  Once seen clearly, the price is way too high.  A sign that you know you have broken the romantic victim pattern might come when you no longer talk about these disappointments or wear your supposed mistreatments upon your sleeve.  You just won’t want to.  Because (congratulations) - you aren’t a victim any more.  And your love life is bound to take a turn for the better, because you will no longer attract partners to let you down.


Now, we can either move to on to new, more beneficial and agreeable patterns, or we can reconcile our pattern, see it for the illusion it is, like the Tooth fairy.  No longer do you think those quarters and dimes mysteriously appeared under your pillow because of a fairy.  You see where it was all really coming from. And when we do this, we are rising above any committed pattern in that area of our experience.  We move beyond them.  We see them for what they are. 


I think oftentimes, at first as we uncover our patterns, that we might keep trading up and up to better and better patterns until we reach the point where we can reconcile them all.  And when you have done this, you have truly cleaned your bottom shelf. 


But either way, we are never held by these patterns, nor do they define us beyond the point where we no longer agree with them.  We may, at any time, move on and beyond.  This is part of our evolution, our awakening into that which we truly have always been.



There is one more thing that I want to mention, and that is in regards to time and space, which many of you already concur, at least intellectually, do not really exist.  They are a sequencing that we third dimensional creatures experience as the fourth dimension.  But time and space do not really truly exist, and this completely blows the minds of us poor little creatures here in the 3rd dimension.  We can’t see how our life could be viewed or experience in ways other than sequentially, one step after another, one moment after another, one day after another.  There’s a really great little video you should watch if you haven’t already on Youtube, and I will provide a link to it in the description area, but it is a cute animation of how a two dimensional flatlander creature, one who was only aware of length and width, but not height, and how mind-ripping it was to them to encounter the 3rd dimension.  And we have the same perspective with regards to moving beyond the 4th dimension where time no longer rules, where everything is part of whole.  We can’t wrap our heads around it.  But it is true.


Here is a clip a friend referred me to that is useful to borrow in getting my point across.  The author has some pretty interesting insights into what we define as dimensions, and so I’ll put a link to his site as well in the info section. 


But here’s another good example:  What we call dimensions are no more than puzzle boards, available to the puzzle pieces that can seem to fit it. They represent a sequencing, an unfolding, a presentation plane for certain attributes.  They are an organizational method for the multiple singularity we like the call the ONE.   They are ever-present in one way or another in everything that seems to exist, at all times. We might think of them as the laws and landscape for the particular town we are in.  They give more definition to these patterns called us that we are unfurling.   


Anyhoo, I bring this up to help me explain a vision I had the other day.  I often have my most profound thoughts right as I open my eyes or right before I go to sleep, and the other morning as I opened my eyes, in addition to seeing my closet doors, I also saw  a bluish purple dna helix floating there.  Right before my eyes, as though it were floating between me and the closet.  As I lay there and watched it, it seemed to fan out in the middle so that the center became multiple dna helixes, but it was still attached at both ends.  I didn’t know what to make of it, so I asked.  “What does this mean?”  and I got a one word answer “Choose.”


Please join me in part 6 for the conclusion


Welcome back to the conclusion.  So, as I lay there looking at this curious vision of a helix, I asked what it meant, and I got a one word answer:  Choose.  Choose?  I thought, wt….and then bam – a flood of info aligned itself in my awareness and I saw what our dna represents.  Remember my opening statement?   Everything we seem to encounter in this dimension, everything we think of as ‘reality’, is actually only a crude representation of something else in a higher dimension.  Our dna is not exempt. 


Science claims that over 98% of our dna is junk dna, called junk because they do not see what it is useful for.  98%.  But our dna is a crude representation of the virtually infinite possible choices that we have ready at our fingertips.  All the other lives our awareness could focus upon instead of the one we seem to currently be living.  All the other bodies we could manifest.  That’s what ‘Choose’ meant.  Choose your pattern.  Your path.  What you will experience.


Now wait a minute, you might say, are you suggesting we could change our dna?  Yep.  Hold on, sit back down, don’t walk out on me yet.  Yes, we could.  But you would never know it, because the choice would originate from a higher dimension.  Here, a clip shows how two dimensional people would appear.  They would be like the people on playing cards - They couldn’t even have a digestive system because it would cut them in half.  As this two dimensional person goes along his day, he seems to move forward in sequencing.  But what if we made a mobius strip by taking a strip of paper , twisting it, and attaching the ends.  Now, if we draw a line along the strip of paper, we will eventually end up with a line on both sides.  If our flatlander person moved along this strip, he would actually be encountering the third dimension, though he would not suspect it because he just seemed to follow his normal path.  Do you see?


In this same way, if we of the third dimension who operate in the fourth dimension, which is time, make this choice and choose a different pattern, a different path, we would not notice anything different.  Like the 2 dimensional person did not notice he was moving on a three dimensional plane, we would not notice that we were moving in a manner that wasn’t like our normal timeline.  We wouldn’t notice this accomplishment.  It would seem the same to us.  But we would have done it.  We could have accessed all the potential choices available to us in the 5th dimension, a dimension where time no longer exists, but all potentials do. 


So, in the fourth dimension, which is time, we see our lives presented to us in sequence, one moment at a time, just like frames on a movie reel.  But in the fifth dimension we are no longer forced to look through time.  We see the entirety of our lives, from start to finish, although this does not do away with what we call change or choice because ALL choices reside here.  And this is where we go when we change patterns, when we choose, and we do it unaware that we are accessing this other dimension, just like the 2d person not realizing he was interacting with the third dimension.   And this is also why I keep saying that there must be agreement between your pattern and what you are trying to achieve – past, present and future are indeed one.


So, yeah.  I think it is indeed possible to change our dna, as well as change our path, our pattern.  But we would never know we had done it.  We would simple move onto a different path and the choice we had previously been affiliated with would no longer be our perspective, and so it disappears like so much fairy dust, never happened.  How in the world is this happening?  Because of our interaction with the fifth dimension, the one above and beyond time.  Sequencing doesn’t exist.  But all virtually all potentials do. 


Is our dna the crude representation in this dimension of what has been called Jacob’s Ladder – the ladder to heaven?  In that biblical vision, Jacob saw the angels of the lord ascending and descending up and down this ladder to heaven.  Is that 98% really junk dna?  Does nature really create excess, or is there indeed reason that this 98% seems to appear here, in our helix strand?  All I can tell you is what I have seen.  You must decide what it means.





I know this is a lot to consider, but as I try to wrap up this video, there is one more thing I feel compelled to leave with you – a visual image that popped into my head during this period of time and is very persistent, so I will show you.


This is what you look like as you move through these prevailing patterns we call dimensions.  We are more and more limited the further down we go, and this makes sense because, and listen to this, to define, to become more specific, which is what we do as we become more and more focused, more and more pinpointed, this act inherently gives you LESS.  Yes, less.


Once we define something, it seems to appear.  Something is there where before there wasn’t. And so that sounds backwards, but the more we define, the more we are moving into a state of less.  We look at a chair, and think the space is filled, there is something sitting there, occupying this space.  It feels like ‘more’ then the supposedly empty space beside it.  But the appearance of this seeming object is only possible when we negate everything else that might be possible.  Do you see?  It can’t be a lamp, a gummy bear, a shoe, a sailboat, a kiss….no – it is only a chair.  The defining removes the other possibilities.


And as we have all heard from the great sages of old, the void is full.  Wherever  there is something that seems to exist, we have removed all the other possibilities for the duration of it’s existence. Where there is nothing, exists the potential for everything.  Less IS more.  The void is full.


And so, this is somewhat a representation of you.  At the lower dimensions, there is a very noticeable definition, but as we move up, definition decreases and integration increases.  Above all patterns, or dimensions, there is no definition, and therefore, the All.  Do you see?


When you move, it is felt through your entire being and beyond, through all the dimensions.  Being aware that you are connected so intimately with yourself in these other dimensions opens the door for us to be able to interact more directly with these other dimensions of you.  I think that may be why I feel so compelled to add this as a curious little footnote at the end of this already huge video.  I just wanted you to know. 


Anyhow, take all this however you find it useful to you.  I realize it is a lot to consider.  Visit with it a while, and I bet you will quickly notice these patterns that we unfurl, and how what is available to us as options are somewhat defined by those patterns.  But we are not limited.  Patterns can be changed, some quickly, some more slowly.  And there are no contracts.  There is only this,  that you are doing nowChoose and you will begin to deliberately define what you may appear to do and experience next.  It may express immediately as what we call a miracle, or it may express so smoothly you only notice it happened when you look back.  But fast or slow, a change in pattern was made. 


This was the answer to my question, these beautiful, cosmic fractals, these patterns we are unfurling, personally, collectively, galactically, and beyond.  They are everywhere you look, and only within our awareness are we able to reconcile them, one by one, like lost sheep we have scattered across the universe and are now re-collecting.


I hope this video helps you to identify these patterns, and free yourself, because you have always been free – but it must be your hand that pushes open this door.




I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.