The Lion and the Lamb



I would like to talk about Death for a moment.  I know, it doesn’t sound like a very nice way to start a video, does it?   But so many ask me, what about death?  What IS death?  What is this that we are so afraid of?  And so here it  is:  In my opinion? It’s nothing.  Death doesn’t truly exist.  Seen correctly, Death is nothing more than the bittersweet letting go of a particular dream.  That’s all.  It’s not an end.  Death isn’t a flatlining –you could say Death is the opposite of flatlining - It is an action, the action of removing our awareness from a particular projected body who has had particular, imagined relations and experiences, in  particular, imagined places within a particular ‘dream’.   That’s all.  It’s removing your awareness from a particular dream of sorts.  But your awareness, your real you, doesn’t end.  So knowing this, what is there to fear about Death?  What is there that is really ever lost?  Think about that for a moment.


But death is a biggie for most of us, and so I really want to underscore this one and hope I say it well enough that you can hear me, because the greatest fear of man is extinguished forever with this knowledge, with this one little understanding:


There is no death, just a turning from one dream, oftentimes to the next. 


That’s all.  How about that?


And it gets even better because after enough spiritual gestation has occurred and a certain maturity has been achieved, a certain ripening happens and no longer do we only enter the dream without knowing what the dream is – We may also choose to enter it fully aware, and at any juncture, as what some have called ascended masters who possess this knowledge have demonstrated. 


And you and I here today are the travelers that make our way through these dreams, in a multitude of disguises, wandering the byways of our thoughts, our imaginations, our beliefs, our fears, and our loves.  It is only beginning to dawn in our minds that it is Our hand that paints every landscape we experience, and even more amazing is that the only other person we ever meet there in these dreams, is ourselves, wearing different masks on a different days.  Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true.  We may wear different shoes, have different smiles, look out of different eyes, have different skin, different kin, but never mind all that.  It’s you.  It’s always you.  Who else could it be?  We are each and every single person we meet, whether we like them, or not.  They are us.  Like beautiful facets of an even more beautiful diamond.


And to help us understand these things that run contrary to our current beliefs, Life is literally strewn with parables for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, analogies, metaphors, Mandelbrot fractals of reality that are exactly the same no matter how closely we zoom in, or out.  These examples are hanging from every corner, just waiting to be notice. 


And I hope that today, perhaps……you will.


Look at our belief of how our ‘earthly children’ are produced, and you will see these similarities if you look closely. Each of these people we meet, each of these different us’s , are also products of our projection - Mental ejaculations we have cradled and grown, sight unseen, in our mental womb of unlimited potentiality, until they are birthed onto this interactive platform we call ‘our life’ and become part of our supporting cast.  They are mirrors of some facet of ourselves, a particular sliver we have called forward, whether we would find their company pleasant, or not.  We are still the fruit of their Father. And their Father is You.


So, we can try to run from it all as fast as we like, or deny it till we are hoarse from denying, but they’re our offspring.  We cast the seed.  And so they arise.  Just like the children you take as your ‘real’ earthly children.  They are assemblages of what you have brought forward from perceived lifetime after lifetime, or dream after dream, not unlike our dna is a recipe for what we perceive as our real children.  It all actually happens in a very similar manner.


These projections are products of our unspoken needs, sometimes products of our joy, or othertimes of our fears.  They may be born of our loneliness, or our passion, of desire, or of aggression, of our selfishness, or of our giving, of our lashing out to hurt, of our attempts to heal.  They may be born of our love, of our hate….like dna, the combinations are endless for the end product, save one:  The seed cast will bring forth whatever we have sown.   Like dna, it doesn’t question – it follows the recipe it was given and fills your world with people who help you, or people who may seem to undermine you.  It doesn’t question – it just does.  It creates what you have cast.  Do you see?


Sometimes we brazenly create in broad daylight, under the unblinking eye of the All, but most often these people and things and events that fill our world are conceived under the cover of darkness, where sight is dim and words are few.  But however they come, we call them forth. We do.  And we have a hard time seeing this because we believe the fairy tale that we have told and been told – that there is something in this world other than ourselves, something which may choose to harbor us, or harm us, who may befriend us or destroy us.  We don’t know it is all us.  Up till today perhaps, we believed  the fairytale, and didn’t look any deeper.  And so, they fill our world, some as friends, some foes, but ALL are our offspring.  Our projections.  Our mental ejaculations brought to life. And like an innocent who engages in the act of creation, not consciously realizing the ramifications of what they are doing does not excuse them from what has unknowingly been conceived.


We create unaware, and so it is no wonder that we think this is something other than us.  But it’s not true.   We are them.  I ABSOLUTELY AM you.  I am.  And we are the creators of everything and everyone in our world, as incredible as that may sound.  And since we are often creating without realizing that we are doing so, we often times end up with things we do not like…things that frighten us, or make us unhappy or sad.  When we can finally see that the appearance of these things are the fruit of our thoughts and beliefs, then we can finally begin to undo them, to change them, rather than fighting them or running from them, which is always a temporary solution at best.  But we must see where they come from to do this. 


So we must see that we are both the director and screenwriter, as well as the entire cast of characters.  Incredible, but true.  We do it just like we do when we are dreaming and we are effortlessly creating our dream character, and our dreamscape, as well as all the other dream characters and any events that are taking place.  They are all pouring out of our mind, our imagination, as we sleep - aren’t they?  And we have made them all, not one single thing is excepted. 


And what we need to realize, is this: We are doing this when we are what we call ‘awake’, too.  Just like when we are dreaming.  And when we catch ourselves dreaming, THEN, we have pulled the dreamer’s consciousness, the sleeping you, into the dream character and with this relation, now he can change the dream, can’t he?  You’ve connected the two and now your dream character can influence the dream.  And it’s the same in our waking life.  That is why what you see is often called ‘Awakening’.  Catch yourself dreaming.   SEE this, and when we DO, we begin to find the true resolution to this world we formerly felt trapped by. 


Because then we see it does us no real good to stay awake at night, trying to spy on a country we feel threatened by.  We shouldn’t funnel our money and efforts into restraining actions we think harmful.   That is a temporary solution at best, and therefore not really a solution at all.   If we truly want it to cease, we should go the root of it’s being and see that it exists only because we believe there is something that exists other than ourselves.  When we see this Oneness, when we feel this innate harmony that keeps trying to arise despite all the chaotic chords, then the power we so desire kicks in because we are only able to impact that which we truly see as us.  We have to know it is US, first, in a very deep and real way.


Here is an example:  Imagine there was an illusion that caused you to believe that your right arm was not yours – that it somehow existed separately from you.  Then one day, you see through this Illusion, and you see it for what it truly is – your arm, a piece of you.  Even though you have never tried to guide it, to use it before…even though you never tried to connect your mind, your will, with the action of the arm, now you may.  You begin to have this unspoken influence, this cooperation.  And this ability to influence and direct is not born of overpowering.  It isn’t born of force.  It is directly born from your awareness of this connectivity, that this IS your arm.  And then, fear leaves the room, doesn’t it?  Who is afraid of their own arm?  And as more and more atrophied connections spring to life, this interaction between your will, your mind, and your arm only improves and becomes a thing of grace and beauty, and unspoken power of unmatched and unspoken beauty and direction.  And there is no need for defenses, for what arm would harm it’s body willingly?  And who would tear off their own arm, instead of realizing that the action of the arm could have only come from their will, their mind, consciously or unconsciously?  Welcome to the land of Effortless Peace.


I know this is a biggie.  But I think you can see this.  Do you see?  This is what was meant by “the lion lays down with the lamb”.  And to get there, we must only begin to see this oneness, to use this oneness, to open atrophied channels.  This is the door that will lay it all on your table effortlessly.


And that is a wonderful day.  When you see this, who is there to harm?  Who will there be to fear?  And with this re-collection, we finally begin to truly see what this business one Oneness is all about.   This is why all the great sages have gone on and on about Oneness, and the virtue of love and compassion.  There is nothing more powerful. Nothing more powerful.  Forget about worrying over conspiracies – there is no ‘push’ more powerful than harnessing this Truth.  I promise you.  With it, all our worldly campaigns and finagling are seen for the child’s play that it is.  As Morpheus said in the Matrix, this is truly the pill of awakening, and of power.  Swallow this pill, and watch your world change.  Or take the other one, and expect more of what you have already gotten, and you remain within the dream in a fitful dream of speculation and fear.


It’s up to you.  Will you see this?  The choice is yours.  See this Oneness, and you will begin to see what you have come here to see: See the lion lay down with the lamb. 


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.