Body of Evidence



Your body is not a machine, or a mechanism.  The reason our bodies fall into destruction and decay as we age is because we mentally forget about truly connecting with them, of feeling them, of intimately being aware of this oneness – something each of us are acutely aware of as children – in fact, most of spend most of our focus on our bodies – in a good way.  We aren’t obsessing about our weight or shape – we accept it unconditionally and instead our focus is upon seeing what it can do, learning these new abilities and incorporating them into our everyday life.  Who of us can say we do that now?  We see our bodies quite differently, and we believe the medical mumbo-jumbo that our bodies perform automatically, like machines...Machines that sometimes break, and there is nothing we can do to completely avoid this.  But there is, when we begin to feel our bodies and use our bodies and sense our bodies with the same observation and curiosity most of us had for them as children.  Because our bodies are waiting to be told, to be shown, what they are to do.  And they listen, whether we speak directly to them at all.  When we speak to them without love, we damage them.  When we fail to accept them for what they are while still knowing they can easily be more, we damage them.  They listen to both verbal and nonverbal cues, they listen to movement and non-movement,  to environment and most of all, to our internal thoughts, which never rest upon them in a loving and helpful way.  We ride our bodies like horses we never stop to pet, or give pure water to, or the food it truly wants, but still wish they would perform better, and stop embarrassing us, or ruining all our fun with disability. 


We must STOP and rejoin our body.  We must feel our body, and have a loving and intimate relation with our body like we did as children.  We must show our body that it doesn’t have to follow the downhill slide of aging, that it doesn’t have to fall prey to what has become everyday medications for many, that it can move and grow and continue to BE.


Because the body and the mind are truly one expression.  The body is our mind, expressed.  Since the two are ONE, the door swings both ways.  What your mind believes, your body will faithfully demonstrate.  But also what you show your mind with your body, the mind adapts to and changes its perception.  We sadly tend to abandon this connection as we age, a connection that is as conspicuous as the sun when we are children.  Exploring our mind-body relation was our #1 focus as we learn to walk, and feed ourselves, and ride bikes, and draw.  But then, we don’t visit that so much anymore, thinking perhaps we have the bases covered and there is little more to learn.  The relationship falters, and this lack of vitality, of exchange, we falter.  But there is MUCH more to learn, and it starts with the beginning of reestablishing this relationship with our body – our projected self.


And so today, I begin to answer this call, this scream actually, this alarm that is going off inside my head and demands to my attention.  I haven’t heard this insistent call so strongly since when I first began to take serious steps toward ‘enlightenment’ when I reached the point where I no longer feared what I might find  or whether it worked with my current paradigm – to hear the Truth became more important, and so I went, a bit fearfully, but unable to stop myself, draw to this pied pipers tune.  And here it is again, I suspect in answer to the question I have been exploring  for some time now, and it’s a biggie – the observance that everything we encounter here is actually made of the same thing, and have different ‘default programs’ running that cause this camouflaged appearance of differentiation.  And these default setting run, until you exercise your knowledge of a higher set of commands, and I had been toying with that – feeling for the edges of these experiences that I have been having.


I suspect it is the body that lends itself to be tweaked first – our innate oneness with it becoming so apparent that we regain this ability.  And then, it spreads outward to our creations, our projections, and we begin to turn water into wine.  I suspect that is the key, when we are excruciatingly aware of our oneness with other things (people and objects) then that gives us the ability, the permission or authority to make these changes, to interrupt the default pattern that is running.


And that is what we are all shooting for, isn’t it?  That is the Name of this Game.  And this is the beginning of consciously understanding that which we have been doing this entire time.  That which we love to do:  To create, and to experience what we create.


And today, I hope we begin to do it more deliberately, and lovingly.  Let’s see where this goes.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.