Out With the Old, In With the New


By now, many of you who have listened to my Of Miracles and Manifestations series have set about to find patterns you have been running, or patterns you have allowed yourself to be nested in, and you have set about changing those patterns.  Here is where I hope to offer you a little consolation and a bit of encouragement.


This time can be every bit as confusing as before, when you did not see how your patterns were negating and thwarting your manifestation attempts.  Every BIT as confusing, because HERE is where our worlds can begin to seem to fall apart.  Not EVERY time, mind you, sometimes these pattern exchanges happen in them most delightful and awe-inspiring ways.  But sometimes, your world seems to begin to crumble before your eyes, and you think ‘uh-oh’ – yikes – I must have done something wrong.


But what is probably happening is that as your old energy pattern moves out, then by necessity, it takes with it those things associated with it.  Even if the people or things or relationships or places remain, your interaction with these things will not be the same.  The bridges you were accustomed to using will be gone, replaced by other bridges…and you may not know exactly where these other bridges ARE at first, and you have to look and find them.


But other times, the people or places or things or relations that were there before will begin to exchange out as the ones that are compatible with your NEW energy pattern and the new desires that are in harmony with it begin to move in. 


Now, you might THINK that we would always look forward to these exchanges, but because we don’t live in the NOW, we have become creatures of habit.  SO, even though we might hate our job, and our dissatisfaction is spilling over and infecting every corner of our life, we will oftentimes still cling to it, even when we’ve asked that it be replaced in our lives.  We will.   


And so, sometimes, we will get panicky as we see this job we despise moving out of out life.  We don’t see what is going to happen, we don’t have Faith, and this breeds fear.  And in our fear, we may unconsciously cry out “NO!  Don’t go.”  And thy will will be done.  We will begin to unconsciously abort the manifestation.  We throw a monkey wrench into it.  And it begins to stop and bridge over to your new thought of “No – don’t go” coming into being.  And we are left shaking and worse than before, as we fall right back into arms of the very thing we did not want.  It’s a very common reaction, and I’ve done it myself more times than I could count.


So, I wanted to offer you this insight, so that you may see this and know what is happening when it does, and not fall back into the arms of what you did not want.   I hope that now, when you spin your new pattern, and your world instantly begins to crumble before your eyes, you will know what is happening - that a new house cannot be built where another house already stands.  Demolition is oftentimes necessary in order to provide you this new dwelling place that you desire, and is more harmonious for you.  But this isn’t how it looks to our habitual little minds, does it?  It looks like trouble.  And so if we aren’t careful, we set about to try and put out the fire that may be destroying this part of our life, having no idea that it was our hand that struck the match, much less that this fire is going to make way for your hearts true desire.


All we see is destruction sometimes, and all we feel is grief, or sadness, and fear.  But Fear Not. 


This is why I am sending you this important follow-up video, in hopes that as you watch your world beginning to contort and change shape in it’s attempt to bring forth that which you have commanded it, you will be strong.  You will have faith.  You won’t throw that monkey-wrench into the gears.  You will let them turn as they must in order to bring you your hearts desire.


It can make you feel crummy to watch the world you knew begin to seem to fall apart.  It is dislocating, at the very least.  So, as you watch this happen, as each seemingly awful event strides into your life, I want you to ask it something.  I want you to ask it “what are you bringing me?” and know that it is indeed in the act of becoming that which you called forth.  It is already a fact in the NOW, in the 5th dimension outside of time, and it is seeking to present itself in your sequential world of days and time.  These things that we dread so are actually our hired servants, clearing the way to bring forth this that we desire.  But a house cannot be built where another house already stands.  No man can serve two masters.


So, as you sit there, wondering what in the world is happening to your world, realize what is happening and be strong.  Fear not.  Try not to throw that wrench into these gears that you have set into motion.  Know that thy will must be done.  It always has been. 


So, not only must we seek out these new patterns, we must accept them. Try to see each thing as your servant, because it is.  Life can do nothing but what you truly command it to.  So, realize what is happening and hold on.  Be strong.  Fear not.  Have faith. 


For even if you have faith as tiny as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.


Ye are gods.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.