The ‘Other Room’



Before we can ‘do’ some of the things we innately know we can do, we have to become aware of our larger self, our larger mind, because in this larger realm is where these abilities lie.  They’re still part of us, but they are part of the larger us that resides outside of time.


Now all this can be very confusing, but the easiest way to go about describing this to our conscious mind might be to think of it in this way:


Think of it as the world you live in is like one big room.  You didn’t realize it was a room, mind you, you thought it was everything.  But then you heard rumors about these things called doors and windows that open to an even LARGER room.  And this larger room is so huge, that it contains everything that there is – even YOUR room, which you only shortly before assumed was all there is.


Now, our little room is indeed a special room, and it is somewhat segregated off for good reason – so that we can place things into it and not have EVERYTHING in it, like the larger room does.  So into this world, this room, we begin to establish a playing field, a reference point.  Let there be light, and there was, and it worked out so nicely that we added darkness too, and dry land and water, and creatures larger and small, as well as carpeting much of the dry land in vegetation.  And it was good.  And some of it we left mostly empty, and we called that area ‘space’. (Not very imaginative, I know, but we were very very busy and had no time to trouble ourselves with clever names).  And so it could seem that things were happening, we also gave ourselves a measurement called time, placing a Sun in the daytime and a moon in the nighttime to orient this timeline, and so that things could seem to come to pass in this little room.  Finally, once we filled it with all sorts of things from the larger room, we placed ourselves into the room.  We’ll not our whole selves, but an image of us.  And we made lots and lots of images by allowing our image-self to seem to bring forth other image selves.  Because of their belief in time, and consequently a beginning and an ending, these image-selves eventually have an expiration date sometime amongst all their experiences, where the image pattern seems to cease to function and die, but of course, that doesn’t happen.  It’s all an illusion – nothing is born and nothing dies.


To do what you seek to do, you must not only be aware of this larger room (because this is where they come from), but you must also access this room.   But the first step in that is to become aware that it exists.  You must become aware of it.  Then you much learn not to fear it.  Finally, you must long to integrate with it, and make your desire known.  You must bring it forward and declare it.


Because deliberate conscious creation resides behind this door.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.