New Rules


There is something else I would like to share with you.  What I am going to describe may seem incredible at first to some of you, but that’s okay.  In fact, that’s great, because I don’t want you to just believe me.  In fact, don’t you dare believe me based upon my statement alone, or anyone else’s for that matter.  Here is the first big point I want to make in this video: if something is the Truth, then it is accessible to you also in a firsthand way, and you should go there, and see it for yourself.  You should do it, because, at least from what I’ve seen, real proof only arises in two ways: By intuitive knowing, that just seems to quietly surface out of nowhere, or by direct experience.  Both of these are available to you at all times, and you should always consult at least one (or both) before assuming something is true. 


Anyhow, so don’t believe me. But do explore what I say before you label it as fact or fantasy, because if you do, I’m betting you are soon going to find yourself very surprised, very excited, and completely amazed.


So what are we talking about here?  We’re talking about orchestrating your world.  You’re going to learn how you can begin  to change the oil, and rotate the tires, give the engine a good overhaul, and make it run like you want it to. Well, it’s really not like that.  It’s more like learning to paint actually, how to arrange a pleasing composition, how blend the colors and tweak them until what you see before you comes out like you imagined it should.


 I know there are a lot of nay-sayers out there who either say it isn’t possible, or debate whether we should do it even if it is.  To those dear cynics, all I ask is that you hear me through, because I think I am going to raise some points you may not have considered before.


And to those of you who are already familiar with the laws of attraction, or the secret, all I can say is that you actually have one up on me.  I’ve never read or heard these programs, and only have a vague knowledge of it based upon the trickled-down from the media.  But as I mentioned in the comments section of my video “Waving Goodbye”, my personal policy is that I only offer to you in these videos what I have experienced firsthand - what has either arose intuitively and/or what I have experienced firsthand.  And usually both.  So, what I am going to say may sound familiar, or it may not, I don’t know.  All I know is what I know, and I’d like to present that to you now for your consideration:


First, if you haven’t watched my video “Acceptance vs. the power to change”, it would probably help you to stop and do that now, because we are going to be building on those ideas.  I’ve put a link to it on the right for you, so do that first if you need to, then join me back here.  I’ll be waiting.


Otherwise, first, take a good look at what you have in your world.  Every last thing, person, condition, belief or experience you can detect was put there by you, and if it wasn’t placed there directly by your own direct doing, you folded and gave permission for it to be there, which is the same thing.  In short, everything is there by your consent.


I know this may shock many of you, even anger some of you, but it is still the truth.  And it’s good news – if it is your consent that allows it to be so, then genuinely removing your consent and replacing it with what you truly want is something you can do.  If you made it, you can unmake it, and the only one you will be struggling against to accomplish it will be you.  That’s good news, isn’t it?  Really good news.  I’ve always said “you have this ability – you have this and more”…well, this is some of the more I was talking about.


Okay. First things first.  How in the world can this be true?  Why in the world would anyone intentionally put bad things into their life?  Here’s an excerpt from a real live email from a very dear friend who wondered the same thing.  He asked “If I take a walk in the woods and I'm hit by a falling branch which leaves me brain dead, is that somehow willed by an unconscious belief?”


To which I responded: No, you didn't think "Gee I wish I would get hit in the head and end my life by being brain dead".  Let's hope you didn't.  But first off, I'd like to point out that your brain is just an organ, like your liver, or whatever.  It is not your awareness.  It is not you.  It is only the central processing system of this collection of energy known as your body, and just the central one - not the only one.  SO....brain dead doesn't wipe you away.  It just fuggles up your normal information sharing system on this particular manifestation.  You are still you.  You have always been, and will always be.


But back to task, how could this have happened, if what I say is true?  Millions of ways….it's like asking you how you got to be you.  It's complicated.  but I can list a few:  You could have always feared that you were going to end your life in the hospital, hooked up to life support.  Fear will place it on your shelf just as quickly as anything.  You could be at the point in this 'life' where you saw no way out, and you wanted to continue your Journey with a new story.  Death is not the worst thing that can happen to you.  To the mortal man, yes - he fears it greatly.  But not the real you.  To the real you, it's like changing the channel on your TV.  No biggie.  You could just be saying to yourself "enough", "no more".  You could have always feared that you would die unexpectedly, without time to slowly resolve ongoing issues.  The list of motivations truly is unlimited…


Do you see my drift?  This is how it gets there, this is how bad things seem to get there.  None of us mean to do it, but we do do it.


Because what we see as the “real and tangible world” (including us) are the byproducts, the manifestations of what we believe, what we truly think.  Each of us are artists in the most incredible sense of the word  – we paint and sculpt in the medium of ‘belief’ and we abreathe the breath of life, the breath of being into our creations and send them on their way to populate our world.  And we are good.  REALLY good.  So good that  somewhere along the way, we began to believe in the show we created so thoroughly that we consciously forgot we were doing it.  Struggling for an explanation, we come up with gods, or karma, or chaos or fate and set them up as a graven images, and for a while, worshiped them and declare that they’re in charge.  That seemed to placate us for a while, but now we are pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, to reveal (sometimes to our horror) that there is no great wizard.  We see that it was all fake - Smoke and mirrors that we chose to believe.  Very dislocating.   But in the midst of all this, we also are beginning to recall that this seems a bit  familiar somehow…could it be true?  Could it have been us all along?  Yep. It could.


But before you label this as true or false, you need to experience it yourself.  So identify a few things in your world that you wish would be different.  Start small.  Maybe you really resent a busy body coworker or an ungrateful boss.  Or you wish you didn’t have such a hectic schedule and had more free time. Or your closet is a mess, but you just aren’t motivated to deal with it.  It doesn’t have to be a global event, in fact, make sure it’s NOT a global event.  Choose whatever you want, but pick something small and hopefully something that isn’t a lifelong habit, because those are a little more difficult to remove, and I want you to see a fast turnaround.  Because I’m sure some of you at some time, perhaps due to a self-help or ‘be more positive’ book have genuinely tried to replace your negative experiences with positive ones, and it didn’t seem to work.  But this was  usually due to the fact that we often start on big, deeply rooted issues, ones that take a little more muscle to release (ironically).  And since we didn’t see anything start to change pretty much right away, we gave up.  We quit looking for the change.  Sadly, oftentimes, if you did it genuinely and correctly, the change does indeed still show up – but we don’t see it, we don’t connect the dots because we quit looking for it. And we lose faith.  And before we know it, we’ve sabotaged our faith muscle building routine.  And that’s what we’re doing here – building your faith muscle.  So, start small.  You can even pick 2-3 small projects, if you like, but don’t pick a big one.


Though these exercises seem small, they aren’t.  You’re building muscle – faith muscle, and before you know it, you will move on to the bigger items in your life.  Now, at first, your turnaround will be slower – this is why I am telling you to choose small, lightweight things to consciously change first.  And even though they are small, they might still take a little while to turn around.  But the more you do it, the faster and faster your results get, and the bigger and bigger things you can easily accomplish.  This ability grows exponentially as you get the hang of it.  So, when you get to changing that water into wine, invite me over for a celebratory toast.


But the first step is to look around in your world and see what you’d rather not be there. The second step is to go to your quiet spot and ask “Why is this here?”  and wait for your answer.  Be very open to any answer, because oftentimes it isn’t what you might expect. Sometimes you have to reflect upon the answer to draw out it’s full meaning.  But once brought into the light, you will see the real and often surprising “why” behind it’s existence in your world clearly for once, and from there you can begin to remove it and change it at will.  It doesn’t matter what the answer is.  In fact, sometimes just seeing the reason in clear daylight for the first time evaporates it, and it goes away without so much as a whimper.  Othertimes, you need to consciously remove it from your bottom shelf, and replace it with what you would prefer to see.  In each case, you will see what you need to do.


This all may sound incredible, too easy to be true, but you have to realize that each and every one of you without exception has been doing this all along.  Only before, you didn’t consciously realize you were doing it, that you had the ultimate call in how things played out for you.  It all seemed random, or the result of karma, or fate, or whatever.  (BTW, while we’re here, I ought to mention something that is going to shock many of you, but you’ll also find it on your bottom shelf, so I can’t help but mention it: karma.  Did you realize that karma is also manmade. It really is. When you remember how to do what we are discussing here, you will also be beginning to undo your wheel of karma.  It may be hard to believe, but karma has been trying to tell us all along that it isn’t really real, but we couldn’t figure out what it was saying.  But it left clues, like have you ever wondered why there are what seem to be unscrupulous people who are do quite well?  They lead a long, healthy lives, everything seems to fall their way even though they are walking on the heads of others?  We console ourselves and say that they’re not really happy, or that they’ll get theirs in his next lifetime, and maybe they will.  But maybe they won’t.  It depends upon what they truly believe, because the universe makes no judgment – it only rushes to bring you what it finds on your bottom shelf.  Now most people would have a guilty conscience about living a life like that, or feel they really don’t deserve it, or won’t be able to maintain it, and they’re right -what they feel they deserve eventually shows up on their doorstep.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it is self-inflicted, not imposed upon us by a judgmental god or wheel of karma.   And sadly, it’s human nature for most of us to worry when things start to go too well, we’re afraid it’ll stop or something will go wrong and sure enough, before we  know it, something bad happens to upset it all.  But it’s only because we put that thought, that belief in the form of worry on our bottom shelf, and the universe set about to bring it to us.  Anyhow, quite a shock for you probably, but true.  That’s how karma happens.  Karma is what you load on your bottom shelf.  So, when you realize how experiences are being brought forward in your life, you will also hopefully begin to stop your wheel of karma.


It doesn’t all happen overnight.  Well, it could happen overnight, but isn’t likely too because we are so slow to make genuine changes in how we think.  It is paramount for you to realize that this change, this removal from the bottom shelf, this removal of consent cannot be faked, or bluffed. It cannot, so pick something that you can 100% believe can happen. Start today by picking several lightweight things you’d like to see changed, and begin building your faith muscle right now.


But before you do, I’d like to touch on safety:  Please start small.  Do NOT take this information and haul off and do something risky.  This is NOT like Neo in the Matrix doing his simulated jump from building to building, Matrix fans.  The pavement will not give with you and you will indeed splatter.  Finito.  Done.  Instead, start smart – start small, with things that won’t have disastrous results one way or the other.  This is very important, not only for your survival as you recall how to do this consciously and correctly, but also, and listen to me here, each success you genuinely experience will allow you to move on to bigger and bigger things.  But don’t try to pretend or bluff yourself because you know.  You always know what has really happened, and trying to fake yourself off or pretend is just plain silly and downright dangerous. 


Instead, approach it like building a muscle.  You are building your faith muscle here, your muscle of knowing, the ‘if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed you could say Move to this mountain and it would move” muscle.  And it has nothing to do with religion.  Faith is about knowing.  Not hoping, not wishing – faith is knowing.  You may not see it, you may not have reason to logically think it, but somehow you do – you know it, and that is faith.  There is no question to you – none. That is having faith.  You don’t have to know HOW it will happen.  You just have to know 100% that it WILL happen.  You put it there, and it will be.  That is faith.   And that’s a tall order.  But you can approach real faith bit-by-bit, building up your faith muscle until you can indeed move Mountains.  Well you will if you should live so long, so remember not to try anything risky – there are plenty of very mundane things you can begin to safely change and I promise you, you will be just as excited and amazed at the outcome.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.