Sacred Doorways


(Sort of a forerunner of 'Of Miracles and Manifestations' and 'Doorways to the Unknown' combo that somehow never made it to video)


Hello again everyone.  You know, I got the weirdest little fortune cookie the other day.  While everyone else at the table got the standard, run of the mill fortune, mine had an almost prophetic undertone.  Here it is.  It says ďGod has given you one face, and you make yourselves another.Ē  Kinda deep for a fortune cookie, and I thought to myself, wow Ė what an odd little message, and even more how True. How deeply have we covered up own divinity.  Just like my cookie said, we have indeed created ourselves a new face, a false one where we largely  overlook our innate divinity, the very thing that we spring from.  And thatís just crazy, like trying to deny your own Mother.  This is where we came from.  We all arise from this divinity, yet we have fallen into the habit where weíve forgotten all about it, and because of that, we live in fear.  We even subconsciously express this fear in our language by the very name we call ourselves by: mortals



/ˈmɔrtl/ Show Spelled[mawr-tl] Show IPA



subject to death; having a transitory life: all mortal creatures.



Mortals!  A word inextricably associated with death.  We associate ourselves with death.  We do. Not divinity. Not eternity.   No wonder there is so much fear in our world. We have so convincingly wore these mortal masks that we have forgotten who we truly are.  Mortal indeed.  Stop calling yourselves mortals.  You are eternal.  So, if you must call yourself anything, perhaps you should call yourself Eternals, and you should go on to reflect this immortality in the way you choose to live this phase of awareness in this dimension. 


Or better yet, call yourself nothing and if the situation should arise where you are required to define yourself, say ET comes down and demands to know, just say ďI AMĒ.  Thatís all.  I AM.  That is a more true description by far.  You are NOT mortal.  You are the act of being.  You are existence.  You are awareness.  You are I AM .


But these mortal masks that we wear create an illusion about who we really are.  And these masks are also blocking our view of the world we project around us.  We canít see things as clearly when we constantly wear these masks. They nearly completely obscure our peripheral, intuitive vision.  And this is why we feel so out of touch, and alone.  


And over time we have largely built our civilizations, our world, our very perception of reality around these masks, around who we erroneously think we are.  And we have told ourselves stories in attempt to explain how we came to wear these masks, and try and make them seem natural, so much so that now, we believe these masksÖ.and what have we discussed about the power of what we truly believe?  Thatís right.  What we truly believe becomes what we perceive as our reality.  A false one, perhaps, but one you will seem to experience, nevertheless.


So, this is the first thing I want to do today.  Today, I hope you start to lay your mask aside, and once again enjoy seeing the radiance of your true face.  And I hope this video is able to help you loosen your mask by sharing with you one of these Ďthingsí that I have been trying to see, one of the reasons I have been keeping quiet and to myself. 


Now, in case you wonder, I donít have quiet spells to seem elusive or mysterious, but because I know from experience that if I become quiet and still, whatever it is that I am looking for will come to me.  I just have to be quiet and still enough to see it.  Well, the truth is, it has been there the whole time, I just couldnít find it until I became still.  And until I fasted.  Yep.  Fasted.  Those of you paying very close attention may wonder how I managed to eat Chinese food and supposedly  fast at the same time?  Good question, and hereís why:  Because fasting doesnít necessarily mean Ďgoing without foodí.  Thatís the most common definition, but I have found that even more powerful than going without food  is ďgoing without your normal worldĒ.  That seemingly simply gesture is fast-track fasting, for those of you who are interested, and you do it by simply stepping out of your shoes and away from the daily actions that usually hold your attention. 


If you think about it, fasting could just as easily be called Ďslowingí because from appearances, you seem to be slowing down.  You seem to be stopping.  But when you do, when you slow down like this, your awareness becomes unencumbered  - and thatís what you are looking for.  It becomes unencumbered and fast enough to see these things that you normally canít manage to see. 


So, your fasting makes you slow down enough to become super quick.  Super perceptive.   How ironic is that?  But itís true, and itís something I hope each of you will try, if you arenít doing it already.  Fast.  Fast from food if you find it pleases you, but definitely fast from your world as you know it.  Step out of your normal rhythm and hold that position for as long as you can.  And be very quiet, very still. 


Even if you canít go off to the mountains to fast for forty days and forty nights, donít worry.  Neither can I.  Fast where you are at, in whatever time you can create for it.  Maybe you usually spend your Saturdays getting groceries and catching up with your chores, and so you could try dividing those actions up and move one to the end of each of your workdays over the period of a week, so when Saturday arrives, you can choose to spend at least  part of it in open eyed reflection, fasting. 


Fast from the world, and what it will bring you will not be of this world.  Divine Whispers will fill your ears, your landscape, and your mind, and your heart.   It will speak to you in ways you wonít believe.


Anyhow, this is where I have been, and what I have been doing.  Eating Chinese food while fasting, and now you know how I manage to do that.  :-D  But, I fasted because had some questions I wanted answers to.  And Iím going to share one of those answers I received with you here today.


This question, no doubt, is one many of you have also had, and here it is:  Why is it that sometimes, no matter how hard we try or how earnestly we desire it, sometimes we just canít seem to move that mountain.  Even if itís a little mountain..  We do all the things that have seemed to work for us before, but they donít work.  And when they donít work, we sometimes move on to try all the things that we have heard could help us. And the mountain just doesnít seem to care.  It doesnít move. It just ignores us, and stays firmly in place.


Have you ever had that happen?  I have.  And thatís why I had to look into this, because not seeing the why behind this can begin to erode your faith, your belief.  Watching this perplexing inconsistency again and again makes you wonder, did I only imagine my affect on other things before?  Was it all only coincidence?  And if not, well why did it work then, but not now


And this is one of the questions I needed an answer for. So, I became quiet, and still, and kept my eyes wide open for the answer that I knew would come.  I wouldnít allow my awareness to become engrossed in other areas Ė I focused only upon why my mountain would move on some days, but not on others. 


And it was hard to keep my focus, super hard, because suddenly, it began to rain fractals and sacred geometry everywhere I looked.  I mean, it poured them.  Every thing I cast my eye on, pointed to them.  Nearly every piece of correspondence I received mentioned them.  I couldnít look anywhere without having something about fractals jump out at me, and tempt me to follow them. 


And it was hard, because I have always been really drawn to fractals and found tremendous affinity with the silent Truth they contained.  Iíve even used them in several different videos.  To me, they are beautiful messengers of a silent Truth that I couldnít really verbalize fully, but acutely sensed the presence of, nevertheless. 


So here I am, trying my best to be good, and keep my eyes open, waiting for an answer as to why my mountains wonít predictably move.  Thatís all I wanted to see.  I didnít want to hear about fractals right now.  But it rained fractals, so much so that it was hard not to let my focus drift to them, because I like them, and so I tried to distract myself by looking elsewhere at things that I donít find as curiously interesting as fractals, but even when I tried to look elsewhere, guess what? I ended up being lead right back into the land of fractals. 


And so, I got a little aggravated.  I remember one day, I was doing one of my walking meditations and trying to leave my awareness open for this answer about moving mountains, and here come the fractal thoughts again.   I even began feeling a little picked on, like Job in the Bible.  I did.  How melodramatic, I know.  But thatís what I felt like, like I was being persecuted by fractals.  And I was having flashes of frustration, bordering upon anger at times, and thatís really unusual for me to feel that way now, so this was really bugging me.  And I didnít know what to do.  I was trying so hard to be good here and keep my eyes open, and all I seemed to be rewarded with was grief.  I was constantly being tempted to give up my vigilance in waiting for my answer and to turn my attention to these delightful and interesting fractals instead.


But I wanted my answer, and so I hung tough, I let go of my frustration, and just decided to be.  I could just Ďlet it beí as the Beatles said.  So everytime I caught myself thinking about fractals, I just let that thought go.  It was all I could do.  But they kept drifting into my mind, over and over and each thought went a little deeper, and a little deeper.  I just let them go, one by one.  And then, quite unexpectedly, it happened.  In one crystal instant, the light bulb finally went on over my head.  The download hit and suddenly, I saw my answer to why sometimes mountains wonít move, and I can sum that answer up in one word.  In fact, you may have already guessed it:  Yep. Fractals.


Fractals are why sometimes our mountains wonít move, and hereís why:


Our experiences are not disconnected from one another.  And neither are they disconnected from the collective experience.  Everything we do is connected to everything we have ever done, as well as everything that we will seem to do in the future.  Everything.  Absolutely everything.   This seeming phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the Butterfly Effect, but it also is called by another couple of pseudonyms that by now you may have guessed:  Fractals and Sacred Geometry.  Oh yeah. J  These are all names for what I am going to simply refer to as patterns for the duration of this video, and they are all expressions of the same thing: An orderly unfolding that arises from seeming relativity.


Everything we do is attached - To us, as well as everyone else.  Itís all connected.  We move within these fractal patterns, personally, collectively, galactically, and even beyond.  What you did in what you call Ďthe pastí sets a pattern for what we may experience todayIt does.  Now thatís a big eye opener in the land of manifestation, isnít it?  A big one.  And this is why sometimes things donít seem to work.  This inherent connectivity is what is meant by the saying Ďthe sins of the father are visited upon the soní.   Itís because of this connectivity.  Actually, Ďconnectivityí isnít even the right word for it, because the higher Truth is, there is only One.  The illusion of a multiplicity within the singular. 


 So, what you did yesterday sets the pattern for today and tomorrow, because the truth is, (now listen to me) itís all one move.  Not only is there only One, but past, present and future are all part of the same seeming action.  This is confusing to us because we see through the eyes of our player here, our avatar, and he lives in a land of time, of sequence, and so a thought like this is hard for him to see.  But itís true, and this is why we seem to have inconsistencies with our results sometimes.  This is why we need time and sequence, so that things may seem to unfold.  But the higher Truth is, there is only ONE, and past/present and future are all the same thing, they are all the same connected move.


Sometimes our reflexive thought of this condition would be ďah ha!  Then I do experience influence from without Ė the past is influencing me, the collective is influencing me.  But seen correctly, time does not exist, and this collective is one unified movement, ironically, a unity without any true unity because there is nothing to unify.  We move as one because we ARE one.  Only the transient ego-self or projected self can see us as a singular multiplicity, because it feels that way to him, from his perspective.  We feel like there is us, and then everyone else.  But there is no true multiplicity.  Just like there is actually no past, or future.  I donít think there is really even a NOW, but we call it that for convenience sake.  The truth is, there just IS what seems to be, without the frame of any concept of time.


And everything thatís seems to exist, exists within these relationships, these perspectives of one to another.   But theyíre illusional because itís all one.  Past, present and future are ONE.  Yours AND mine. ONE.  Totally connected. 



So, are we stuck inside these patterns?  This Butterfly effect?  This sacred geometry?   No.  They are EXPRESSIONS of this connectivity, but they are not the cause of it.  Listen to that carefully.  They are NOT the cause of it.  So we may study them all we like, and get all excited, and pat ourselves on our back at our cleverness, but we are only studying our own face in the mirror.  Nothing more.  I hope you can remember that, because there are plenty of awful smart people out there this very moment who have become mesmerized by investigating these patterns.  They hope to use them to see into the future, and change things for the better.  But the future is dynamic, and even if these clues could offer some insight, itís not a very effective way to go about it.  Thatís like looking at you shadow when you are trying to comb your hair.  You only get a vague idea, and you could well be making matters worse than they were before you begun.


To truly affect future outcomes, we must chose another pattern, and the choice begins on a personal level.  With YOU.  And when enough people have selected a different choice, then that new choice becomes the choice of the collective group.  How many is enough?  There isnít a formula for it that Iím aware of, but itís like water and ice.  33 degrees Fahrenheit and we can slurp it through a straw.  Just one more tiny drop to 32 degrees, and it becomes solid, something we can walk on.  And to affect the collective is a tipping point like that, and you do it one perspective at a time.


Please join me for Part two



Welcome to part two.


After all, we are just waking up here.  Most of us have difficulty recalling what we had for breakfast, much less what we are doing here in a cosmic sense, so these patterns help us establish recurring repetition and what we have come to think if as reality.  Parameters are defined, not to limit us, but because we need them to tell us what this place is like, to describe this stage hanging out here in time and space, so that we may begin relating to it.  I mean, can you imagine what it would be like if you had gravity today, but not tomorrow?  If tomorrow, you work up with four legs instead of two?  None of our jeans would fit.   And we would suddenly need more shoes.  So these consistencies, these unfurling patterns of relating, allow us the ability for change while providing us a sense of stability and predictability as we are waking up. Its everywhere, in every thing and every condition.  Canít miss it.  Just look.


And now many of us have moved out of our more unconscious infant state into our terrible twos.  Weíre like toddlers here, trying to break out of the grip of these parental parameters, trying to manifest, trying to use this innate directive that each of us innately knows is our birthright.   We try to wiggle away, and make a run for what we think we want, (chasing ball) and if our action flows consistently with the pattern we have currently accepted, we might seem to get our way.  And weíre so proud of us when we do, arenít we?


But sometimes, these parental parameters, these unfurling patterns intercept or overwrite our desires because these desires are inconsistent with this flow.  Your request is not recognized. These parental parameters metaphorically pick us up, abort our attempted action and hold us in place, in harmony with the pattern we have given our agreement to.  And when they do, we cry with disappointment, or howl with rage at our perceived denial. 



So now I hope you are beginning to see how our mountains can only move when their moving is in agreement with the pattern we have selected and are now moving within.  There is a flow, a pattern that is unfurling just like a fractal, is a fractal, and we are moving within it at all times. Only when our mountain moving is in agreement with this pattern we are unfurling within, do our mountains seem to move for us because this change is agreement with that pattern.  In other words, you canít interject a desire without changing to a pattern that would support that new desire.  For example, say you are driving in your car.  Suddenly, you change your mind and want to back up.  No matter how hard you press the throttle, you car will not seem to do what you want until you shift into a gear that supports the direction you want to go in.  Do you see?  And so, sometimes it seems our mountain wonít move, and we are really trying hard to make it move.  But it canít because the gear or pattern you are in isnít in agreement with the change you would like to make.



Now, I know this might sound very confusing and contradictory from what you might have heard before, doesnít it?  In fact, it sounds like a limitation.  But this isnít a limitation, and I know that sounds like a contradiction, too, but this denial is actually a statement OF YOUR POWER.  Not your limitation.  Because we gave birth to these definitions, these parental-like parameters, this unfurling fractal patterns that guide the unfolding of our world and everything we seem to encounter here.  



So, our mountain moving seems to work whenever this moving is in agreement with the current flow or pattern, this paternal web we have swaddled ourselves in.  And, when it isnít in agreement, we canít seem to make it happen.  Our powers of manifestation seem to have gone bye bye, but this is because there was no agreement, and there must be agreement.


Otherwise, it would be like going to the grocery store and buying all the ingredients for making a cheese pizza. Later on, we open our pantry and become angry that we have no fruit salad to eat.  But we didnít BUY fruit salad, did we?  We bought pizza fixings.  And this is what I mean by what you did yesterday is one with what you may do today.  Do you see?  Itís all one connected move.  



Itís easy to see when we are talking about what groceries we buy will influence what we may eat tomorrow, but it happens like this straight across the board.  What you did Ďbeforeí you decided to move a mountain, and what you would do after the move was accomplished is ALL ONE ACTION, although we look at many of these considerations as separate.  Theyíre not.  Itís all one movement, so there MUST be agreement.  There really IS no before or after, only what is happening NOW.  It is all one movement.  Past, present and future must be in agreement because they are one.  Do you see?  How do we do this?  Well, first, letís look at what you have.


What did you seed in your past?  This is important because as you already know, you may reap whatever you sowed.  In other words, what have you put in your pantry?  Did you put fruit salad or pizza there?  That will be what you may retrieve and experience at this point. So, if you sowed wheat in your field, and now you want potatoes, you are going to have to move to a different field that has been seeded with potatoes, arenít you?  Donít get mad that there is only wheat there.  You did that.  You asked that mountain to be there.  To get something different, you are going to have to move into a different pattern, a different field. 


And so, our patterns repeat until a new pattern usurps the old, and then that pattern repeats.  In other words, we keep getting wheat until we move into a different field, or plant a different crop.  When a miracle seems to appear, what we really have done is broken through into a different pattern.  And until then, the pattern we are in will repeat. 


But why do patterns repeat? They repeat as a self-fulfilling means of expression, and as a means of providing opportunity again and again.  Opportunities for what?  To either enjoy and explore the pattern, or to change the pattern, to create.  Now this all may sound a little confusing, but nothing could be simpler for you.  In fact, you are doing it right now.  Hereís an example.


Ever notice how the same situation seems to re-queue, again and again in your life?  For example, no matter how hard you try, maybe you always seem to end up with a partner that lets you down.  Why?  Why are you always left brokenhearted and disappointed?  Because that is the pattern you are in, and this fractal geometry will gracefully unfold over and over again until you change this pattern. 


How do we do that?  In this example, you might finally break the pattern by no longer looking for someone to support you, emotionally or financially.  You learn to stand on your own two feet, and be at home in your own heart.  Because before, it wasnít in your pattern to attract the partner in you really wanted.  The vampire-like pattern where you are looking for someone to suck off of, either emotionally and/or financially, simply doesnít contain the people you are looking for.  That pattern attracts people who transiently feel empowered by holding sway over you, but then eventually they must give up the game and walk away from you because they are not balanced either, so itís like two vampires draining blood from each other.  Itís going nowhere.  Itís fated to arrive exactly at the same disappointing spot, time and time again.


So, how do we break our patterns?  Every pattern contains the opportunity to choose,  and (in this example) one way we do this is to get nice and dissatisfied with this vampiric nonsense we  accidentally fell into and that is now creating experiences we donít want to experience.  We become dissatisfied and consciously decide that we are tired of waiting on someone else to bring us happiness or security, and finally gather the ability to stand on our own two feet.  And we do.


And guess what?  BAM.  Congratulations.  You just broke your pattern and inserted a new one.   And ironically what would your new pattern of balance and independence be likely to attract?  A relationship that will not let you down or abandon you, because you are no longer expressing a pattern of longing and disappointment and betrayal.  You have re-collected the bits and pieces of you that you have scattered around like pauper and begged others to fulfill for you.  You have gathered those back up and re-collected who you are.  And now, you are expressing a pattern of finding happiness within you, wherever you are at.  So, guess what shows up, right where you are at?  Thatís right.  Happiness.  And as part of that, just when you no longer desperately need Ďsomeone elseí to fulfill you, guess what?  THEN, you not longer HAVE to have it, you could have it allllllll day long.  Because you broke the old pattern that didnít contain that variable and inserted a new pattern that did.  You replaced the pattern of weakness and dependency, and so you no longer are attracting the sorry-partner-counterpart to help you play out that unfortunate little pattern you accidentally trapped yourself in.  Donít blame them, btw.  These undesirable relations are just filling the role you advertised for by virtue of the pattern you were spinning.  And if we think about it, we see this happens all the time. 


How many times when you stop desperately looking for someone or something does it suddenly show up unannounced? Right when you say ďThatís okay.  Iím good.  I have centered myself, I donít need external support.Ē  Bam!  Here comes all the wonderfully supportive people you could have hoped for.  And this type of thing happens all the time, but we donít recognize the pattern that brought it to us and laid it at our feet!  


Or, how many times have you heard of an infertile couple who finally quit trying to get pregnant after years and years of medical intervention, and take the steps to bring a baby into their life by adoption and BAM, what often happens?  Many times they will suddenly get pregnant at nearly the same time as the adoption.  Havenít you heard of these?  And how did they do this?  They changed patterns.  They used their dissatisfaction with what was happening as doorway to exit their old pattern and enter this new pattern.  It wasnít working, so they jumped, and chose something new, and with this new pattern brings new opportunities.  By making this jump, they broke out of their current pattern, one that did not hold the possibility that they wanted to achieve Ė do you see this? 


So sometimes,  like in the example of trying to manifest someone to love, sometimes what we want is in conflict with the pattern we are in.  That is why your mountain isnít moving.  You are in a pattern that doesnít provide for the option you are trying to bring forward. In the example of looking for a partner, you are running the pattern of being unfulfilled, of being unhappy alone, of being needy and having little to give to another.  How in the world is that pattern supposed to bring you the wonderful relationship you want?  Itís just not that kind of patternÖdo you see?  It is a pattern of LACK, not fulfillment.  And this pattern is going to repeat (until you choose another one) and so all you are going to get when you need someone to fulfill you is a string of people who are there to disappoint you because that is the pattern you are running, a pattern of unhappiness and longing.  You think you need someone to fulfill you, and so, you get what you ask for - a neverending stream of people who oblige your pattern.  They have to continue your pattern, so donít blame them.  Itís not their fault.  They WONíT fulfill you because your pattern doesnít say ďI AM FULFILLEDĒ.  It says ďI NEEDĒ, and so, you do.   You will be kept in a constant state of needing.  This is the pattern you have accepted.  But this is the pattern you can break.


So, I hope you can see that no matter how hard you try, you wonít find that person you really want while you are in that pattern.    Heís not there.  Sheís not there.  They arenít products of that pattern.  And since this is the case, no amount of wishing or visualization is going to seem to bring you what you want because that particular fractal pattern that our existence is expressing itself through at the moment simply does not have that as part of itís pattern.  Itís not in there. 


So, is all hope lost?  What IS there in that pattern that you can use?  The opportunity to choose  differently. THAT is what is always in every pattern.  In this example, it is the opportunity to balance yourself by yourself, to correct this illusion that is creating this pattern of weakness and neediness and to become more wholey what you truly are.


Now, Iím not  trying to offer advice on love affairs, I am just using a common human condition to illustrate how these patterns move, and how we relate to them.  Because this Ďrelatingí is happening to you personally in every instant  you can imagine in your life, and when you begin to look at your life in this way, then you begin to grasp the tools to make real changes.  You see why the mountain wouldnít move. 


  And because past, present and future are all the same thing, all the same move, as paradoxical as they sound, they must agree and they wouldnít agree if you are mixing fractals, mixing a pinch of this with a whole lot of that.   Doesnít work.   And though we seem to only move through time in one manner, forward, I donít believe this is an actual limitation.  Since past present and future are all the same thing, seen correctly, I think this forward-only movement is a self-imposed limitation.  But more on that later. J


Time is an illusion.  We just seem to experience events individually, and we need the perception of a timeline in order to do that.  But itís just a viewer.  A convenience.  It creates this illusion for us.  But events donít really happen in a linear fashion.  Iím not even sure what word to use here, but it isnít any shape or sequence.  Yet, we are held to the illusion of sequence by the tenuous perspective of our projected self.  He is of this dimension, part of this landscape, and until the Divine consciously awakens in him, he is bound by time. 


Please join me for part 3


Welcome to Part three


Similar to the example about finding the relationships you truly want in your life, these beautiful fractal patterns also apply to us collectively.  For example, if we want peace, the way to get it isnít to sit there and pine away for peace, or hide away or segregate ourselves so that we may pretend to have peace, or just to visualize peace suddenly appearing, or to haul off and blow the bejesus out of everyone who looks sideways at us in hopes of acquiring peace.  No.  As we saw in the examples before, these actions are part of a pattern that declares ďI lack.  I need.  I am vulnerable.Ē  And that is the state we will be kept in.  Thatís what we are doing, and that is the pattern we are in globally.  And itís why we do not have peace.  Our current accepted pattern doesnít express ďI have found true peace within myself, as well as the benevolent strength that accompanies itĒ.  No.  The pattern we are globally projecting says ďI donít have peace, and so to make me feel more secure, I think I need to try and take some of your things!Ē 


And so, first, if we think we want peace, we must break this pattern, this fractal geometry that we will be caught in and repeat and repeat and repeat until we use the doorway of our dissatisfaction as the jumping off point to try something different. 


But first, we ought make sure that peace is really our priority, and not just lip service, or a rationalization for acts we innately know are not acts of Truth. 


So, first, do we really want peace, or is it just an idealistic fantasy that we would love if it were served to us upon a silver platter?  Do we really want it, because if our desire isnít sincere, we will not be able to hear the intuitive voice that leads us to where we can see, and instead we will stay in this pattern until the moment our dissatisfaction rises to the point where we DO want it, and we set about to achieve it. 


But we wonít find peace longing for it, or hiding or segregating ourselves so we may pretend to have it under certain conditions, or crushing others that seem to impede our needs and desires.


Like before, when we finally found the relationship we wanted, we seemed to do it indirectly.  Then, we said to ourselves, ďThis is crazy.  This isnít working.  Itís just heartache after heartache.  I will fill my world with happiness in other waysĒ and we do.  We stop being paupers begging for someone to help us feel whole,  and we stop being bullies, attacking whomever we feel threatens us. We become more centered and whole.  And in doing so, we break the old pattern.  Our dissatisfaction with how things are going is our doorway to breaking the patterns we have cast and do not like.  Our dissatisfaction is our doorway.  This is the jumping point where we are ready to try something new.  And that is what it takes to override a pattern and insert a new one. 


And it works this way collectively or personally.  It doesnít matter how much we long for peace.  What matters is the degree of our dissatisfaction that we do not have it.  Are we dissatisfied enough to say ďthis isnít really working Ė letís try something newĒ?  Have we reached that jumping point?  Because when we do, then we will be at our sacred doorway, the potential for the birth of a new pattern is presenting itself through the pain of our dissatisfaction.   


How great is our dissatisfaction with not having peace?  Is it great enough for us to lay aside the desire to provide for ourselves in the manner we have become accustomed to, despite the cost to others? Is our dissatisfaction of living without peace great enough to say to ourselves ďI will find another way to provide these things for me, and if not, I will find a way to live happily without itĒ?  Would we make these changes to our lifestyles, if necessary, so that we may live peacefully with our global neighbors?  If not, peace is not yet your priority, and the pattern will not be successfully broken.  More wars, more global unrest is guaranteed so that the doorway of our dissatisfaction may be great enough for us to walk through.



Is our desire for peace great enough to forgive the careless and cruel steps of another?  Can we lay these things aside and move forward in the name of peace?  Is your dissatisfaction enough to not emulate the self-centered acts of another that may have caused you so much misery?  Or must you still retaliate?  If so, peace is not yet your priority, and the pattern will not be broken.


Is our desire for peace strong enough to lay aside religious views if those views seem to segregate us, or ordain aggressive acts towards one another?   Or will we still hide behind our handmade, graven images of the Divine, seeing only the interpretations that rationalize our acts, and serve our interests?  Can you abandon religious views that seem to condone retaliation and aggression?  Can you lay them aside?  If not, peace is not yet your priority, and the pattern will not be broken.  You will be served more of the same until your dissatisfaction is large enough to walk through.


Whether globally, or personally, the pattern will repeat until our dissatisfaction is large enough to be our doorway to change.  It repeats until we say Ďenoughí Ė I am going another way.


We have expressed this hidden Truth in plain sight literally everywhere we look, and have recently presented ourselves with a peephole into this action in the form of the mathematical formulas of this, beautiful sacred geometry, and Mayan calendars, and what have you.  But these are only revealing patterns.  OUR patterns.  They are our reflection in the mirror, our fingerprints across the sequence of time.  We should take care to not get too caught up in any of these things.  Donít begin to focus upon the finger instead of the moon it is pointing to. Because these expressions are only examples we have presented ourselves as we whisper the truth back into our own ears and our consciousness.  These amazing discoveries are only the way we are demonstrating to ourselves mathematically, as well as in nature, these patterns Ė Patterns which are the act of our becoming that which we already are.  But these are all just expressions.  Just expressions.  Iíll say it again Ė just expressions. Donít become too preoccupied with the finger and overlook the moon.  Because that is all it is Ė whispers to ourselves, amazing messages we have left for us to uncover as we finally mature enough to be able to use this new awareness to break and change unfulfilling patterns.  And now we have exposed these patterns to ourselves.  Now you know.  Now you may begin to uncover your patterns and slip through the sacred doorway of dissatisfaction and into the ability to change.


There is order to everything.  If you see no order, know you have yet to gain the perspective broad enough to see what you are trying to see, but never doubt the order is not there.  It is inherent in everything that seems to be.  Everything.


So, we may choose from the options within our  prevailing pattern, or we may slip through he doorway of dissatisfaction and into a different pattern.  You are not limited, nor are you caught in a condition that is controlling you?   The only thing that binds you is your choice to remain in your pattern.  You can do all things through Christ, and your Christ, your deliverer, your anointed one, is this doorway of empowerment, where you may elect any new pattern to accept the instant you are ready to truly release the old one.  This Christ presents itself again and again and again tirelessly, until we see and accept it, and we stop going round and round in this gorgeous fractal that is nevertheless, bringing us experiences that we sometimes no longer wish to experience.  And so, we move into a new direction, elect a new fractal, rich with itís own experiences.  And we do this.  We are the Great Shepherd, tirelessly looking for the lost sheep in our world, for these fragments of our selves that we have let wander away during times when we were less aware, and we do not stop until we have found all the pieces, removed  from them the patterns that were keeping them away,  and they are safe within our fold once more.  None can be lost. None can be lost.  Call them.  You sheep know your voice, and they will answer you, and you may begin to reunite them with the flock.


Now, sometimes, breaking your pattern and moving into a new one will look as though you have moved mountains because your whole landscape will change.  Othertimes, your new pattern may grant you the ability to actually move that mountain in seemingly miraculous ways.  It happens everyday in what the medical profession call spontaneous healing.  Someone has released their old pattern and now move within a new one, one that doesnít contain the expression of that illness, or where they have knighted themselves with the ability to overcome it, and to hell with any supposed odds.  And in these cases, whether it goes away miraculously overnight, or over a period of time, mountain moving is taking place.  It is indeed.  No doubt.


But when we talk about patterns unfurling, about the beautiful discourse of fractals and sacred geometry, about butterfly effects, it sounds like even if we are not actually trapped into a pattern, we are still being held by time until that pattern unfurls and the doorway finally presents itself, doesnít it?  But the truth is that doorway is ever present.  Time doesnít really exist, remember?  But rather, it is only a series of experiences we must experience to finally catch our attention and shift our focus, and seem to open this door.  But it is always open.  Time is only here to lay these experience out for us, so that we may experiences them one by one, the way our projected self is most comfortable at this time.  So no, we are not held by time or pattern.  The door is always open.  Always.



So, what about moving mountains directly?  Can you?  Yes.  If your belief has adopted a pattern that will agrees with this, because what we need to realize before we try any funny business is that that mountain is not there accidentally.  It is there by invitation, by special request.  Yours.  No matter how contrary that seems to how you feel, you still called that mountain forward.  The conditions, the pattern in which you now swim, allowed that mountain to be in your horizon.  Do you see?


It is my speculation, my hunch, that as our awareness continues to broaden, and we successfully begin to consciously navigate what comes and goes in our lives, by default we move into patterns that will seem to permit more and more potential to change, to do away with mountains much more quickly, because we have matured.  We have ripened.  As Leonard Cohen says in his song Villanelle for a time, ďwe rise to play a greater partĒ, because we now truly see our selves, this awareness that we take as us, as having much broader boundaries.  Huge boundaries.  And eventually,  no boundaries.  None.  And it is our nature to rise and play this greater part.  Because when one rises, we all rise. 



So, now I hope you see the reason behind why sometimes those mountains wonít move when we say move.  Sometimes it is not part of the pattern you have associated yourself with.  The trick isnít to be zinging mountains here and there right now, trying to make your life better. The trick is to use your doorway of dissatisfaction as your jumping point to evolve, to move into a new pattern, and in doing so, you may insert a brand new pattern that just may contain that mountain moving as part of itís unfurling.  Because a mountain seeming to be in the wrong place is never really the problem Ė thatís a byproduct, a marker that the pattern that you are unfurling isnít a self-fulfilling one.  Your desire to move that mountain is your clue that you are ready for something new.  So, sometimes, itís the pattern that needs to be exchanged, rather than the position of any particular mountain.  But other times, that mountain WILL move Ė whenever you have placed yourself in a pattern that agrees with it.


ANd in a group of even global sense, this is what I was attempting to point to in (video) when I said that collective associations open us up to potentially experiencing the collective experience of that group.  In these cases, we have actually knowingly joined these groups, these unfurling fractals, we just didnít fully realize what this agreement, this joining would do. 


We have many, many fractal unfurlings happening all the time, from as tiny as seemingly insignificant experiences in our daily lives, to as large as intergalactic events, and beyond.  Everything is connected to us.  Everything IS us, this magnificent singular multiplicity that defies verbalization.  These fractals are only our fingerprints and the math that describes it, no more than an expression of this agreement.  Donít become unduly fascinated with it.  It is only the reflection of our face in the mirror.


So, what we seemed to experience yesterday and what we will be able to accomplish today and what will seem to unfold in tomorrow are all part of the same movement, because in Truth, this sequencing of events that we call time is a sleight of hand we currently subscribe to because it is the stage of awareness that we currently understand.  Thatís all.  But this is not the end of our evolution, our awakening.  There is more.


But become aware of what is visible to you right now.  That is a big enough job.  Become aware of how life moves.  Look at your life.  Look at your world.  And know that everything counts because we are absolutely all One. And begin to look for these beautiful patterns, these fractal webs we have cast ourselves into.  If they no longer find agreement with you, use the doorway of your dissatisfaction to try something new, and establish a new pattern.


I hope it is a pattern of strength, because when you are strong, you will never find the need to attack or retaliate.  And I hope it is one of balance, because when you are centered, you stop needing other things to balance yourself with.  You self-maintain in the beauty of your wonderful little pivot point, with endless options and awareness.  But most of all, I hope it is a pattern of Oneness, because as this tremendous truth unfolds to us, it smoothes out all the bumps and rough edges effortlessly.  A pattern of Oneness effortlessly does away with your enemies, vaporizes the concept of self-interest, and provides an unbelievable universal intimacy with everything you seem to perceive, because you know it is all you.  And it is.  And Oneness brings a gift even greater than love.  I have no word to describe this gift Oneness brings.  Even the word Ďloveí is no where close to being large enough to describe this gift.  And it comes to us quietly and freely, and I guarantee you will never, ever see things the same way again.


So, uncover these patterns that give direction to your life.  See the connectivity behind all the seeming inconsistencies, and know there are none.  There is order in everything.


And know that when we see the mountains move, the improbable occur, the miracle happen, then it is likely that we have accepted a new fractal, a new pattern, in that area of our life.  It can change us overnight, in the twinkling of an eye.  But also know that when the change is more gradual, it is likely that we are trickling into our new pattern slowly, a bit at a time.  And either way works.  Either way works.   And so now we know that these patterns that before perhaps we did not see, yet patterns we have harmonics with, that we have agreed to, are often the reason why sometimes that mountain wonít moveAnd they are also sometimes the reason that it will.  I hope this video gives you the tools to begin to detect these patterns, and select new ones if we desire.


So now, the question becomes, ďWhat unfurling fractals are you wrapped in? What are your patterns?  Which will you now give your agreement to? What song will you now begin to play?  Will you hide in your sleepy corner like an infant who cannot interact yet with the world he has brought himself into, and cling only to the sense of your oneness with that which you arise from, or will you reach out and begin to explore this experience you have brought to yourself?  Will you continue to move unconsciously through these patterns, or will you begin to rediscover yourself, and find out who you are, and just how far you go?  Because you are all that you are consciously aware of, and more.  We are awakening to the rhythm of  this u Ėn-i-verse, remembering how to dance with it.  How to dip it.  How to make it twirl.  Before,  we could only follow. Now I hope by seeing the patterns behind your moves, you are freed to take the lead, and the only question that remains is What will you choose to dance?


Look at your life.  Every seeming roadblock you see is a only a wish locked within a non-agreeing pattern.  So change your pattern.  Remove your roadblocks.  See these beautiful fractals that cradle our movements within this space-time continuum, and hear the message they whisper.  Observe and become.



I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.