Vine and Branches



There seems to me to be four different ways that things and experiences manifest into our lives, and since manifestation can be such a challenging adventure to see through, I thought it might be useful to mention them, because to get at the root of something, we must find a way to see where it is actually growing from.


So, the first way we usually think of when we speak of manifesting are the things that we manifest directly.  This is the one that usually leaps to mind when the topic of manifestation arises Ė things that we intentionally and directly bring into our experience.


The second way is also probably the 2nd most common way we think of manifestations, and that is the unconscious manifestations Ė oftentimes an unconscious fear or limitation that expresses itself in our world.  Unconscious expressions can be pleasant ones, too, but oftentimes they seem to be the things we have tucked away because we donít want to deal with them, and so we have shoved them down into our unconsciousness realms, hoping to hide from them.  But this isnít possible because you are the Creator, and thy will will be done.


The third way is by what I have come to call, The Nature of Things.  For things to seem to be, they must have a definition, repetitious patterns that unfurl somewhat reliably until the time we the author of these patterns remembers who he is, and may therefore override or change them.  Until then, they reliably spin so that when you plant tomato seeds, you get tomatoes and not watermelons.  So, this Ďthird wayí that things may appear in our world is simply by their default patterns, as part of the platform of reliable repetition and interaction that we call this world.  And there is a darned good reason for this: In the same way that you could not navigate a video game that constantly change the rules, the characters, and the terrain, we would be lost in this world without this platform we have defined and set in motion at the beginning of time.  And it was good.


Now the fourth way that things can manifest in our lives is one that often flies beneath our radar.  It is also connected to you unconscious manifestations Ė it draws from that arena, so to speak, but these are manifestations that appear in our life somewhat contingently.  I sort of think of them as Ďpropsí.  They are the things that appear in conjunction with the fulfilling of your more specific manifestation. 


For example, you may have an unconscious fear of having an auto accident.  So, perhaps a small blue pickup truck manifest to bring about your larger manifestation, along with the tan shirt the driver had on, and the billboard advertising cable services alongside the road where you crashed, as well as the fast food restaurant that the driver pulled out of before the collision.  These are all this third type of manifestation.  They are the props, landscape, the pieces that are required by your story, per your perception, so that your specific manifestation of having a car crash could appear.


But even though these pieces may seem random, they arenít.  They are always harmonious.  They arenít alien bits of this and that.  They belong in your puzzle piece.  In fact, if you turned your focus to zoom in upon any one of them, and you looked diligently you would no doubt uncover how they came to be chosen as the seemingly miscellaneous pieces of that storyboard.  Though they seem random perhaps to your conscious mind, they are your projections.


Furthermore, each of these pieces are vibrational energy patterns, little packets of definition that seem to bring into being the manifestations of this storyboard that we call life.  And these pieces, as unrelated as they may seem at a glance, are always harmonious.  They fit together like gears, like lock and key.


So, Iíve told you all this to bring you to this point:  When you are looking at something you want to change in your life, before you do battle with it, stop and ask yourself if it is the vine, or if it is the branches?  Is it the thought or belief that brought this experience into being in your life, or is it one of the prop pieces?  Or the Nature of Things pieces, the stabilized and defined platform we have created and are playing from?  Because though they may not be what we want, they are NOT the cause of what you are experiencing. They are only appearing, by your invitation, in order to help you fulfill your larger underlying manifestation.  And we can cut at these branches all we like, yet the problem will persist in one place or another in our lives.  Itíll always find a way to creep back in.  However, if we locate the vine, and we trace to the root, we can take it down once and for all.


Because when we look at all the things in our lives that we may want to change, it can seem overwhelming at times.  And while itís true, we can minimize the things we donít want by pruning, and perhaps making things more pleasant, this isnít really what you are going for, is it?  Thatís a lot of work, and it only grows back, wearing a million different faces, upon a million different playing fields, forever and ever until you see it and change it.  We must trace it back to itís main vine, and find the root, and when we do, an amazing number of unwanted branches in your world can disappear with one mighty tug, when you are in the right place.  And to me, that was a relief to realize.  Otherwise, itís like having a pair of scissors and trying to cut the ends off each branch of a tree.  And the tips will continually grow back!  What an impossible and exhausting task.  Itís much easier to be wise enough to trace it to itís origin and be done with it once and for all.  Trimming off the branches may offer some initial relief, but it was why when I thought I had fixed something, it would suddenly reappear wearing a different mask.  I had merely chopped a branch.  To be rid of it, you must remove the origin.  And you have the power to do this.  This is your world.  What you believe, will be-live in your world.


The metaphor of the vines and branches is a very powerful one, and is also useful to us here in a slightly different metaphorical sense.  Jesus said ďI am the vine, and you are the branches.  When he spoke this, he spoke from the Christ Ė the Christ that has been sleeping within each and everyone of us.  It is our birthright.  Jesus was relaying to those with ears to hear that he knew the world he looked out upon was his story, exactly as the world you look out upon is your story.  You are the vine, and we are your branches.  Yes, Iím am speaking to YOU, sitting there, watching this video.  YOU are the vine, and we are your branches.  As hard as that may be to accept, it is nevertheless true.  As the truth settles deeper and deeper within you, you will eventually come to know this more and more fully.  Donít let the appearance of what appears to be other confuse you. While Ďweí are also here, we are here, in your storyboard, somewhat like characters in a dream.  Each of us are ALSO facets of You, projected outward, in the exact same way that you populate your dreams at night.  Though you seem to move within the awareness of only one dream character, and the other dream characters may frighten you, or love you, or make you laugh, or frustrate you, the higher truth is each one of those characters are ALSO you.  They donít seem to be because your conscious awareness isnít focused within them.  


The awareness that gives birth to your seeming identity is focused within your manifestation. You are one of many peoples (peep-holes).  Initially.  And somewhat.  But we are ever overflowing into a broader awareness, as you are doing right now by presenting this information to yourself.


Divinity is stirring within you, rousting itself, awakening and coming forward.  That is this Journey that you are on.  It is all for this purpose Ė to bring forth Divinity, to awaken the God who sleeps within your skull, having put himself to sleep there for a time so that he may awaken from within not only you, but within me, and within your neighbor.  In order to dream this beautiful dream he has awakened into.  As I said before in my short video ĎPerspectiveí, we are in the act of becoming that which we already are.


I was talking with a dear friend of mine the other day.  We often have deep discussions, but our conversations frequently end up somewhat thwarted because it is not possible to effectively discuss something that is eternal, and keep it framed within the time-constrained definition of what we take to be reality.  And this is a bit of what I am pointing to here.  We are indeed in the act of becoming that which we already are.


I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.