Chicken or the Egg?



I thought I might like to offer a tip to those of you who are trying to manifest something new and different in your life.  Perhaps you want to enjoy the health you had when you were younger.  Perhaps you want to be as happy as you once were.  Let’s choose these as examples to use.


Let’s start with the easiest and fastest way  – by reaching into your past.  We’ll go into this deeper at a later time, but I’d like for you to know right now that what you call your past is actually NOT static.  How can this be?  It’s a tough one to answer, but we’ll try one day soon.  It’s definitely a mind blower, so we’re NOT going to go into it in this video.  For now, just try and remember that time doesn’t really exist.  Truly.  It doesn’t.  Even Einstein said so.


So, in your “past” were you healthier or happier during certain periods? If so, let’s begin to bring that out of your past and into your NOW.  To help bring what you see as your “past” to life into what you consider to be “NOW”, try and find a picture or a video clip of you when, in the example we’re going to use, you were experiencing the health or happiness you would like to experience now.  Seriously, if you have a photo album handy, out me on pause and get it.  I’ll wait.  Now look at you in that image.  Look at what you are doing, where you are at – examine this image of you like you are a scientist looking at an animal in a zoo.  What is this animal in the picture’s environment?  How does it differ from your environment right now?  What does this animal from the past eat?  How MUCH does it eat?  Where does it go? What is his/her attitude toward life?  What is it’s behavior like? What are it’s habits? How does it do it’s hair?  What kinds of clothing does it wear?  What does it consider fun?   Look at these things and note how they are different from than the environment you are living in today.


Now here’s where the “which came first, the chicken or the egg” rears it’s head because if we step back and look, we can see that “the environment we perceive to experience is a product of our expression – it springs forth from us….HOWEVER, we have created this environment that we perceive as experiencing to nurture and and be in harmony with who we currently are.  And (for lack of a better word), it assists in “growing” this person we seem to become.”   At this level of explanation, that seems to be somewhat of a loop, and you’re right – it does.  It seems you create what you experience AND what you experience helps create this version of “you”.   There are more details to it than that, but we’ll go with this for today.


Let’s ponder a few points that this examination brings forward.  Do we develop this or that disease because “we’re old and our parts are wearing out”, or because how habits and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, have changed?  What if one of the biggest reasons is because of the detrimental mental baggage we’ve unconsciously accumulated and the inharmonious environments we willingly place ourselves into, like obedient little sheep going to our corrals, the ”selling out of our soul” that many of us experience every day when we go to work somewhere we don’t want to be, kissing the hiney of people we don’t admire, following procedures we don’t agree with, perhaps even pushing products and services we don’t really believe in or even actively disapprove of.  


What if the real reason for the weight we are unhappy and experience disease is because of the pressure we feel as we try and keep up with our mortgages and car notes and make sure our children have what their contemporaries do?  What if our bodies seem to wear out and develop disease from years and years of tightly packed schedules, where we are effectively telling our bodies that they play second fiddle to our schedule – that they’ll eat what we give them at the drive thru and LIKE it, and sleep when we have time to allow them to sleep?  What kind of message could that send your body? How would you feel as a person if someone was treating you that way?  Would you blossom, or begin to fail?  Are we telling our bodies they are appreciated, or are we telling them they are expendable? Are they our art, our expression, or are they our dumping grounds.  Well, we treat them like dumping grounds, but they are part of our expression.  They are indeed our art. 


To make matters worse, what if we’ve begun to subconsciously accept that all these aging diseases were normal, and all these advertised drugs and surgeries in the media were indeed the correct and necessary way to alleviate them?  BTW, I have a nice little playlist on my channel about placebos that most of you would find surprising and useful in what we’re talking about today, so check that out later.  SO -What if, buying into these beliefs and the actions they produce is one of the biggest ways we are aging ourselves and giving ourselves disease?  What if we were healthier and happier at a different time in our life not just because of a supposed chronological age, but because we had yet to accumulate this limiting way of thinking?


So, look at the photo you selected.  Pick one you like and you have strong associations with.  Allow your self to fall back and feel what it was like to be this person, to be you during this phase of your life.  Really do it if you can.  Pause me. I’ll wait.   


Look at your photo, and if you want to solidify the feeling even more, play music that you associate with this timeline, eat a favorite food you loved then, put on perfume you wore, dig the baseball glove that you used then out of the back of the closet and smell the well-worn leather  – put as many senses as you can to work for you.  Remember what you were like.  Feel what you were like.


Pause me and take a moment to do this if you can.


How did it feel?  You were very nearly somebody else, weren’t you?  You were still you, but for all practical purposes, you are looking at someone very different from who you are today.  So, is there any wonder why you ARE so different from the person you used to be?  You think differently now.  You act differently.  You worry differently.  You love differently.  You eat differently.  You were nice to yourself differently.  And not all of these things may be bad, in fact I’m sure you’ve gotten better in at least a few areas, so it’s not ALL bad news. :-D


But the you in the photo probably saw the world much differently than you do now.  You probably had more optimism rather than cynicism, more curiosity than fear, more ‘can-do’ than ‘it ain’t-gonna-happen’, assumed you would land on your feet rather than land flat on your back, thought less about “things I should avoid” and more of “things I’d like to get into”, believed your health was fine rather than let the calendar warn you to schedule exams for a certain kind of cancer or disease.  And it was a different world for you, wasn’t it?   It was a different world.  Not metaphorically – really.  In reality.  And you were a different you.


Here’s the good news. This person from your past isn’t out of your reach.  They aren’t dead and gone, it just wouldn’t be harmonious for them to exist in the world you live in right now.  They don’t fit here.  YOU fit here.  But they’re still there, within reach, as nutty as it may sound, and you can reach them and bring their attributes into your world of TODAY, right now, and the way you do this is with your mind.  When you rally your senses behind it, it makes it even easier to connect, because this connection is indeed there.  It’s not a tangible street we turn down to reach a certain intersection, but it is still a place you can not only go, but, for lack of a better word, begin to re-merge with.  You reach this intersection with your mind.  You can begin to migrate what you enjoyed from there by first reconnecting with it, most importantly FEELING what it used to be like.  When your mind change, your body will follow, because the two are ONE.   We accept that this works in some areas, for example, when you imagine a stressful situation with your mind and the cells and systems of your body immediately go to work to raise your blood pressure and pump more adrenaline into your system in case you need to flight or fight.  It’s the same thing.  You mind and body are indeed one, and you already know this on some level.  So, put this person you are today into more of the joys and expressions of the person in the photo you selected. The picture of the old you may also hold clue to other things you can do to enhance this shift – habits and actions you can transplant into your today that will keep clueing you into the environment you used to experience when you were the you that you’re trying to bring into TODAY.


I realize this might sound like hooey to some of you, but I’ve experienced healings by simply reaching into what I see as the past and saying to myself “I want this (from the past) here NOW.  It should be like this.”  And poof.  It begins to happen.  Sometimes, nearly instantly, other times over a period of time.   Like riding a bicycle, it seems you get better at this the more you do it, but you can see results right away.    Bringing the feeling of what it was like THEN into what you are feeling NOW in this moment seems to be a powerful catalyst, from what I have observed.  Before you knock it, you should try it.  I’ve had the most amazing things happen that fly right in the face of all reason and logic.  Just locking into what I’ve wanted it to BE like, and insisting it should be like this, now, as brought some unbelievable results my way.  And I had a few fiascos, too, especially early on, so if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  It’s okay.  Not having it come out as you meant it to be has NO bearing on whether or not the very next time you might render yourself speechless with your amazing results.


DO cut yourself some slack, too.  Patterns that have been with you for a long time can sometimes be harder to break, and may require repeated focus as you chip away at it bit by bit.  Things that are closely integrated with who you think you are, good and bad, can be more difficult to just let go of, and that doesn’t matter.  Keep working on it, focusing on the same direction, and it will eventually begin to give, and you will gradually steer yourself into the new place you want to be.


BTW, if you want to know why sometimes when you do this, when you try, you seem to get the opposite reaction, be sure and watch my next vide, The Backlash.


Know that not only were you BORN to do this, to direct your life, you’ve been doing it the whole time, just usually ass-backwards, and oftentimes heading in the opposite direction from where you had hoped to go, but that’s okay.  I hope you take the time to try this out for yourself, and I’d love to hear from you as you begin to accumulate your results.  Try it.  You can do it.  You’ve been doing it your whole life. 



I offer you these thoughts for your consideration.