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I noticed that I really enjoyed the feeling of unity and community that arose from the contributions of a few of you who generously contributed background music, and mp3 help (for example). 
So I wondered if any of you would enjoy helping to assign more relevant images to the different poems, because in order to get the new site up and running as fast as possible, I chose to assign random images as poetry icons, planning to go back later and select a more meaningful image for each poem. So, if any of you would like to make suggestions (either from those listed, or send in images you find on your own) feel free to do so!  Send them to unasleep@unasleep.com  Who knows?  You might just see your suggestion show up here.:-)

Either way, I do hope you enjoy these. ♥


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Note: If the Flash menus work well and everyone likes them, I'll purchase the 'paid' versions, and that will do away with the menu watermark.