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As I traveled down my path, I often found writing about what I was experiencing helped me not only feel better, but it helped me to clarify this new territory that was unfolding within.  I realize that many of you many be going down very similar paths, and may find comfort or even a bit of inspiration from my ramblings, so I have collected them here for you to peruse at your leisure. For your convenience, verses have been divided into categories that reflect the transitional phases we go through as we shed these illusional layers and begin to see who we really are.  Good, bad or ugly...these are my footprints.  I hope you find some of them useful to you.

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1. About Words: These are verses that are important in setting the stage for correct understanding. After all - it's no use to you if you escape from one paradigm, only to be caught in another.

Seeking: These writings are expressions of a beginning search for the right answers, and all that follows this noblest and oldest of quests. Many of you are in this stage right now.

Changing: These writings express a somewhat dislocating period when the Truth begins to emerge and internalize within you, changing the way you see and understand in some very big and never expected ways.  It can be frightening and confusing at first as your paradigm shifts from one perspective to a higher one.

Righteous Ignorance: Let me say from the beginning, this selection is not meant to offend, but easily might.  I debated whether or not to include these, but know that there are many who will experience a similar outrage and disbelief when the Truth emerges, perhaps feeling a bit deceived by the conditioning of society and religion.  As you begin to see this, you may go through a period where you are a little angry or indignant about it all. These poems are for you.

5. Knowing - Right Thinking: After changes take place within you, clearing out illusions and debris, you begin to see things more clearly -- probably for the first time in your life, or at least since you were a child. Crooked places are set straight and uneven areas are worn smooth. Simplicity -- on an entirely new level from what you understood before -- begins to gently take hold. Freedom emerges. Truth emerges further. Those still clinging to false paradigms may naturally still find Truth frightening, but nothing could be more wrong. There is not one thing to fear.