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'The Dream'

This painting is one of my 'recycled' ones, as the first attempt didn't 'work' (okay, I admit it, I looked before it was finished. Oops. Remember what I told you?  Kiss of death.)

But instead of just throwing it away, I set it aside. Later, I painted on it as though it were brand new - just ignoring the first failed image and anything that had been done to the piece of watercolor paper..

When I pulled back the plastic, there were the most remarkable images: A contemplating woman with chin in hand, glass bottles and jars, smoking pipes, other faces, even an octopus! What a grab-bag. But most surprising of all was 'Angry Man's face' which I did not see for over a year, despite the fact this was hanging in my house the entire time. One day I looked at it from across the room and was surprised to see him scowling back at me, perhaps miffed because he had been overlooked for so long.

This is one that others often continue to see images in I didn't notice before. Even I continue to see things. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what YOU see.

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