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'Talitha Cumi'

'Talitha Cumi' in Arabic means 'Little maid, arise' or 'Little girl, arise' or 'Young woman, arise' and were the words of resurrection that Jesus spoke to a girl who had died, causing her to live.

There's a story behind this painting. When I first pulled the plastic off this one, I was horrified. I thought it depicted someone being held down, or restrained by all these ropes. At first, I refused to 'do it' and set it aside. But after further contemplation, I decided to not pre-judge it, but go with it and see what happened. As I began to tidy up the lines, I began to notice that this girl wasn't being held down - she was being released. She was arising from what formerly held her down. Her face is still completely covered in the rags or dressings, causing her to still be blind, yet, she was arising, answering the call of something her eyes could not yet see.

This is what we each are doing, at this very moment. We are arising from our 'bondage', despite the fact that we can't clearly see what it is we are rising towards. We are answering the same call within. And within is where you'll have your answer. It waits.

Needless to say, Talitha Cumi went from being nearly thrown away, to one of my most favorite. I hope you enjoy her, and she speaks as clearly to you as she has spoken to me.

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