'Nightmare of the Soul'

This is a very dark and intense painting, but it is also a very interesting one. There seems to be a large image of a young man (a warrior) in the upper left corner. His face is intersected with what looks to me to be a sword, albeit, an invisible sword, as you can see his features through the 'sword'.

There are lots of other images and faces in this painting, but the most notable is the leathery texture and the collection of grimacing teeth throughout.  Because of these teeth, I nearly named this one simply 'Carnage', but in the end decided against it and went with 'Nightmare of the Soul', as 'Carnage' seemed too negative.

Because I think this speaks to the confusion and darkness and pain we all wander through, and all the imagined battles we think we must fight (not unlike Don Quixote) until we find our way back to our source, where we see clearly that nothing is separate from us, nothing is alien to us, and all is working in our behalf, as it must (though it may not seem that way right now). How could it be otherwise?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy Nightmare of the Soul. To see some really amazing (and somewhat gruesome) teeth, click below. They are really amazing.

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