'Hail Mary, Full of Grace'  Click here to see even larger image
What can I say about 'Hail Mary' that she doesn't already say for herself?  This is probably my favorite out of all these self-created watercolors, full of astounding images: A pregnant Mary, a lamb snuggling up to her, an extremely ornate dagger sweeping in and towards the lamb, a celestial portal overlooking another planet or world, demonic faces, ladders, broken windows, and more.

I think there is a beautiful metaphor here, but I am uncharacteristically at a loss for words, or rather, it would simply take TOO MANY words to say it because, to me, this image conveys the 'ALL'.  Everything about everything.  How can that be summarized?  I'll work on it, perhaps I can come up with something worthy.  But until then, I hope 'Hail Mary' will convey it for me. I hope you enjoy.

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