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'The Gladiator'

This was a surprise image, from start to finish. I was shocked to clearly see the face of a sad and weary gladiator prominently staring back at me from the left side of the page, along with other secondary figures, like a pirate-like middle image complete with eye-patch (or does he have on glasses?), and the bow if a wooden boat on the right (as well as many other images - see close-up).

The sad gladiator was what caught my eye the most. He seemed to beg for release from that which he no longer wanted to do. He seemed tired of fighting. Maybe he had seen the pain and futility of his ways, but felt caught by his past - it was who he was. It was all he knew.

He reminds me of 'us' as we begin to awaken, tired of fighting what we think are the 'other's, but find in the end we have been fighting ourselves the entire time.
We're tired. We're disillusioned. We are looking for release from our self-imposed hell.

I hope this sad gladiator finds his permission to change - it's within us all the time. Your duty is not to fight and struggle. Your duty to yourself and others is to remember who and what you are.