'Acid Reign'

This is a painting that I didn't think would 'work', because I had the idea to paint a greenish-yellow pear shape on the paper first, and usually, when I 'interfere' like this, images fail to show up. I'll get 'nothing'. But this idea popped into my head one morning as I awoke - a time when I usually have my highest level of clarity it seems. So I did it.

I was surprised to peel back the plastic and see this fetus-like image dead-center the uterus-like pear. Coincidence? Unlikely.

And though his appearance might be off-putting at first, I quickly felt a great compassion for the image as I saw myself within his silent scream.  His angst is apparent as his distorted and immature development has left him trapped. It spoke to me, and in fact I think this speaks to us all and silently summarizes the way we feel before we are fully aware of what we truly are: Until then, we feel caught, vulnerable, trapped.  We don't remember how we got there.  And we think we need someone to help us, to take care of us, to show us the way, when what we really need to do is what any partially developed creation needs to do: mature. We need to grow up, and realize who we really are, and stop imagining ourselves half-formed and dependent, because we aren't. This little fellow told me so..

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