The Truth is like the sun

Shining without discrimination

On both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ alike.


It is said that you can spend your life chasing the sun

From one corner of the world to the next

Yet you will never be one step closer to grasping it;

And you can hide from it all you like

Yet you can never be done with it


Rain falls before it

Clouds seem to hide it

But it never changes

Remaining quiescent and untouched.


You can sing praises to it

Or shout curses

It takes no notice of either

It is not affected or altered in any way


You may falter and it scorches you

Or feast upon the banquet of food it can present you

It takes no notice

It is what it is


Stop fawning

Stop fearing

God is unchangeable

By anything you do

Or don’t do


Seek and ye shall find

Roll up your sleeves and get down to it

The Veil has been ripped.

Step inside.