The Note


Youíre a blip of light on this cosmic reel.

Think you really know what you feel?

Think youíre here more than just a day?

Not just another actor in this Play?

Your once grand musical score

Ends up on the cutting room floor

As your reality crashes and smashes

Upon your barren shore.

But itís never really too late

Donít bet it all on a particular Faith.

You just need to try to understand.

With Wisdom calculate.

The only way off of this reel

Is to fully grasp the Deal:

This Life is just a shadow.

Even now you feel itís chill.

Stop right now in your tracks

Stop your thrashing

Abandon empty acts

And listen to that one tender note:

That note is calling you

Playing a song that you once knew

Hear it in your head once more

Rising well above the roar

Of this zoo.


Follow it.