Fancy That


It came as a surprise

A revelation from above

To find I wasn’t the Hand

But was, in fact, the glove


Not the Drummer, but the drum

Not the Foot, but the shoe

Not the Eyes, but the binoculars

My identity I bid, "Adieu"


Not the Dreamer, but the dream

Not the Driver, but the car

Things sure aren’t what they seem

Glance over your shoulder and there You are


Life’s like a made-for-TV series

We're just actors on some of those shows

All airing simultaneously

Endlessly they flow


Death is just changing channels

From one show, to the next

Merely the grace of Divine fulfillment

Yet it usually leaves us perplexed


And unaware of this channel change

Till one day we finally break through

And in the midst of our Greatest Performance

Turn to ourselves, and say, “Hey, it was You…”


Then Creation hands you your Resume

Guaranteed to give you quite a start

When you realize there was only the Director

And He was playing every part.