The Enlightened Bumblebee


Magnificent blooms

In the garden

Establish their roots

And become a rose

A violet

A daffodil

A sunflower

Of striking beauty

But none alone are

The Flower of Perfection.

Give thanks for their fragrance

That drew you

Down this little-traveled path.

Fear not the intimacy.

Hesitate not to collect their pollen

Swollen and heavy,

Begging recapitulation

Into the honey of the purest gold.

But be warned:

Do not become enchanted with any flower.

Assign not to one position

Or one form.

It is a deceitful death

Of senseless limitations.

For there you shall stop.

Transformation ceases.

Vanity freezes you to that spot


Never imagine you have defined

The indefinable

And ever unfolding

For the revelation never ends.

The door you are knocking upon

Opens slowly.


Be the enlightened bumblebee

Who ignores classical physics

That tells him he cannot fly.

He hears nothing but

The voice of God

Defiantly evident in the hum of his wings

As he eagerly delves deeply

Into the soul of each flower

Collecting only the best,

The Essence of Life,

And takes it into his home

And feasts upon it.