Bubbles of Truth

Ever have a moment of clarity pop into your head from out of nowhere?  Ever have the solution to a looming problem unexpectedly slide into your mind?  These are examples of true thought.

You do not reason out any real Truth.  It is given to you, arising from what you would call your subconscious or higher self, like a bubble breaking free from the bottom of a pond.  Immediately, it is snatched and claimed as a byproduct of your own intellection, but it is not.

The arts in general often facilitate the release of these bubbles of Truth, as they give freedom, permission and fluidity to your mind, immersing you, increasing your wonder and dropping your guard.  That is why art is important.  Art may not teach you how to balance your checkbook, but it may help you see how a checkbook may not be necessary.

But that is not the mindset of our ambitious culture of today.  Regardless of this oversight, art is not superfluous.  It is exquisitely functional in ways that science and empirical thinking have yet to approach, much less understand.

Listen to art.  Let it take you places.  As you begin to listen to the song playing within you that no one else seems to hear - that proverbial beat of a different drummer, it may sometimes help to hear the music of others like you who have also passed down this path.

I offer you these words to linger upon.  May you find resonance, and millions of bubbles of Truth break free and float into your awareness.