Religious Anarchy


No more than I know now

Would still burn you with itís Light

Perhaps ordained, this barrier

Perhaps necessary, this flight.


Eyes burn sore that have never seen

Limbs ache that have never moved

Footing seems uneven outside the box

Choices frightening outside your grooves.


But how wonderful is the welcoming Light.

Just slip off your chains and fly.

There is nothing holding you down but you.

To begin, you must only ask ďWhyĒ?


Refuse the Spiritual Cream of Wheat-

Spit it out - Let it dribble down your chin.

Insist to know the harvest field

Journey there yourself.  Itís  no sin


See the grains in their splendor

Before they're ground into pasty mush:

Find nourishment as it was intended and

In NO MAN place your trust


You select your grain and process it

Or lose God-only-knows-what in the end

It was meant for YOU to chew these grains.

Donít be a spoon-fed baby, my friend.


Go and see.