No Doubt


We speak of Holy;

Know without a doubt

There exists nothing Holy

Or unholy

There is only ‘That Which Is’

And your perspective of it.


We speak of right or wrong

And good or bad –

Know without a doubt

There is nothing of the kind

Only ‘That Which Is’

And your position regarding it.


We speak of the ‘Fall From Grace’ –

Know without a doubt

There was no condemnation

Only a warning

That was not heeded.

And that it was by our own hand we

Banished and punished ourselves

Not God

He would do no such thing.


Understand the parable once and for all:
In The Garden

We took within ourselves the fruit

Of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

The fruit of opposites

The fruit of preferences and positions

And having internalized this fruit

We have incorporated it into our very selves

And now bear its poison

Of believing in good and evil

Instead of simply That Which Is.


The rainfall that sweeps your home into the river

Is the same rain that allows your neighbor’s harvest to thrive.


Each of us are Adam and Eve

Spit out that poison apple

Abandon opinions and positions

Concepts and theories

And rejoin us

In the Garden.


God is here.

The party never left.

You did.