Graduation Day


Conscientious housewives

Congregate in gyms

Perfecting bodies

That crumble into dust

What a shame.


Ambitious husbands

Acquire opulent homes and land

Believe they own it

Yet make no purchase in Heaven

What a shame.


Busy business owners

Turn days and sweat

Into dollars for their bank account

Yet have no riches in heaven.

What a shame.


Educated, well fed children

Know facts and figures

And how to play ball

But havenít heard about the only thing that matters.

What a shame.


Reverent but lazy church-goers

Attend faithfully every Sunday

Listen to shallow interpretations they never question

Ignore the voice of God inside them

What a shame.


Blind pastors

Zealously lead their flock
Right off the cliff

Filled with self-righteousness

Instead of the Holy Spirit

What a shame.


Egotistical nations

Make war against each other

Not realizing the only battle

Lies within

What a shame.


What a shame we do not understand:

What you see

You can never truly posses.

What you think

Becomes you.


All struggle is against



Nothing is real

But Truth.


And most of all:

Religion is kindergarten -

NOT your diploma.