Dorothy and the Deserted Island


It has been said

“Even if only one man

knows the Truth,

it is still

the Truth.”


What is your Truth?

What is your faith?

I can only tell you this:

If it requires

A doctrine

Holy books


Specific behaviors



Or customs;

If it designates


Or ethnics

Or ideals;

If it requires you

Journey to somewhere

Or meet anyone

Then it could not be the Truth.


How could it be?


The only true Holy Book

Must arise from within you.

The only journey required:



Know that

If it is not possible

For you to arrive at the beliefs you hold dear

Should you find yourself alone

On a deserted island,

Remembering nothing of your past

Or how you got there

And never seeing another soul

Until you died  -

If your beliefs and Truths would not arise

Despite your solitude

They could not be the Truth.


How could they be?


Would God discriminate

Based upon circumstances?


The ability to read?

Do you think God discriminates

At all?


The Truth is organic to all men.

In every other case

We are only playing with our




Like children pretending

Imitating what they think

They are supposed to do

And be like.



Look inside yourself

For God has most certainly written his words

In the only safe place.

Not on a stone

Or scroll

Or even in the sky.

You’ve had the Truth

In your back pocket

All along.

Take a look, Dorothy,

Because there’s no place like home.