Survey SAYS!

We debate holy wisdom
Try to fill in the blanks
With couched clues
Like a crossword puzzle for those unable to think
Like a game show contestant full of answers
But unable to connect the dots

We slam the buzzer
Belt out our answer with blind certainty
Hoping to score points
And make our family proud

We think this is the Big Prize
But it is only another distraction
Another roadblock
Over which we must slide

Parroting what we've heard
With borrowed authority
Our minds have yet to learn
Our eyes have yet to see

Our hungry mouth
Latches onto the first thing it feels
Instead of pausing to question
What is false and what is real

We're chained by fear
Compelled by guilt
Imprisoned by ignorance
Bound by cowardice
Seduced by empty promise
Lulled by laziness

You know, they have a name
For that box you won't venture out of:
It's called a coffin.