Correct Alignment


Let me try

To point at the “Seeing”

I speak of.


Here's an example:

Let’s say you want to 'fight crime’

An idea perceived as noble

And applauded by most.

You devise ways

To interrupt ‘crime’ in the making

To stop ‘crime’

To imprison those creating ‘crime’

To pass laws to punish and deter

Those committing ‘crime’

And so on.


And you think that

You are fighting crime.

You’re certainly putting

A lot of effort


And manpower behind it.

But it will never stop crime.

Your idea failed before it began

Because you did not 'see'
Where crime was coming from.


This type of effort

Is like chopping off a weed

At ground level.

You leave the root beneath

To grow again

This type of ‘crime fighting’

Will never get at the root.


To cure crime
You must learn to see

What crime really is.

You must correctly know it

Without question.

You must know where it’s true root is

And what it is the fruit of

And in what type of soil

And weather conditions

It thrives.


Then you can see how to stop crime.


(FYI: Force

is NEVER the answer

For any true fix.)


How do we see?
How can seeing
Become doing?

It is as easy as this:

You must truly LOOK

Nobody really looks

But instead they try and build answers

From dead, past experiences.


Here’s an example:

Supposed no one had actually

Seen the moon.

No one thought they needed to

Because they thought they already knew

What the moon looked like.

But what if everyone

Thought it was square?

If you take a moment

To look for yourself

You would immediately see

The moon is round.

There is no struggle.

You don’t have to do any work.

You must only SEE.
The change is instantaneous
and without effort.
You must only see.


But, you  protest,

'Crime' is an action
While the shape of the moon
is only a thought.

They're not the same.




Does not every crime
begin with a thought?


Change the thought
And stop the crime.


Change how someone sees
And you change what someone does.

It is indeed
the very same.


Go and see.

The correction

Is effortless

And immediate.


Change the thought

and you change the action.

It is indeed instantaneous
and requires no force at all. 



IS doing.


Be one of the few who do not ‘think’.

Be one of the few who actually SEE.

Then you will accomplish everything

Without effort.