True Wealth


I was robbed last night

But caught the burglars

Just as they were leaving

And good thing, too

They nearly overlooked the valuables

Hidden under my floorboard

So I packed their bags to overflowing

And sent them on their way.


They thundered up on horses

And began to storm my castle walls

I saw them coming

And hurried to lower my drawbridge

And invited them in to supper and bed

With my finest linens and wines.


He told lies behind my back

And drug my name through the mud

Yet no anger ignited in my heart

And I smiled, knowing full well

Pearls cannot be damaged by mud.


My treasure chest is bottomless

The thief is only someone who thinks themselves in need

The violent are only those who feel threatened

And the liar is only someone who fears

To kill your enemies, see them as friends

And give what they need

Now I find my treasure chest never empties

No matter how much I hand out.


I am never in want.