True Education


What’s more important?


To teach children work skills

Or to teach them to care


To teach them to count

Or to teach them to share


To teach how to win

Or that no one really loses


How to select a career

Or wisdom to do what one chooses


How to throw a punch

Or how to roll with the punches


That you must fight for your piece of the pie

Or that God does indeed serves free lunches


How to protect yourself

Or that there’s nothing to fear


To get ahead while you’re still young

Or how to enjoy each and every year


To make sure you’ve saved enough

Or to never hesitate to share


How to build a working wardrobe

Or never judge by what someone wears


How to select the right home

Or that you should carry your home inside you


How to get your way in this world

Or that no one should be able to buy you


How to find the right one to love

Or to love all unconditionally


How to achieve your goal

Or the art of learning to “Be”


How to stay ahead

Or that no one’s actually behind


How to judge a better man from a worse

Or that eventually we all do fine


To rely on our brains and perceptions

Or how so few actually see


That you should strive to do better that I

Or that there are no “I’s” - just a “we”