The Lion roars the Truth:
The Kingdom awaits
Entombed by aqueous form
Unworthy of it's treasure.

His majestic message is ignored
As yowling noise from a stray cat
By the Banquet guests -
Some with pity
Others with contempt
But all
Wishing it away.

Such has been the disregard of Sages
By those unable to see.
For until they meet the Lion at the Gate
And are caught in it's jaws of Truth,
Few dare acknowledge its existence
But prefer instead to make tradition
Of whistling in the dark
Reminiscing upon cheerful thoughts
Of fickle banquets decomposing
Even now in their gut
And of passing fellowship
Already nearly forgotten.

Unaware, til Life's last breath
Forces the certainty
Of Leo's message true.

Tame Leo's message within yourself.
No sweeter solace can be found -
No safer cleft in which to harbor.

Listen -
He roars even now.
Devour Leo's message
Else it devour you.