Brave little ants

Scurry around the world

In search of a worthy task

Eager to chew through

A banyan tree

And right a perceived wrong

In the name of doing good.


You want to chew

You want a task

Because you are an ant

Not because of

Your goodness

Or imagined selflessness


Stop relating to the world

Through any one identity

And you will come to know that

True action

Comes from seeing

And internal alignment

Is its fruit


By seeing

An unseen action begins

That is more powerful

Than an entire army

Of chewing


Well intentioned



This influence is invincible


And inevitable.

And with this power

Even if you lose your mandibles

The banyan tree still falls.


Learn the type of seeing

I speak of

And you can carry the ocean

In a paper cup.

It is a power

That cannot be resisted

Or reckoned with

And by it

Your softly expelled sigh

Can evaporate the seas.