The man walking up the street
Has only got one eye
He's got no sense of depth perception
So all he does is sit and cry

While some lady wildly waves
Her gun into the air
Trying to silence her critics
With her shrapnel of despair

And I hear they're drowning babies
At the pool down the street
Shouting "Hallelujah!"
As they dangle them by their feet

And obedient wooden soldiers
Into the furnace solemnly march
While the fatted calves
Are raised beneath the golden arch

And the soup is poisoned
And the bread is old and dry
At the homeless shelter
Where the unwanted go to die

"It's a mercy killing!"
The leaders repeatedly insist
But I see no mercy
Just a violence that persists

While the little children
Pin colored ribbons to their chests
And join their little clubs
And proudly pass their tests

And yet the dawn still splinters
Her golden rays through the trees
To light our little world
And watch us do as we please.