An Excellent Eulogy


When this body

ceases to move,

dare not think I am dead.

Do not cry,

because no one has yet to be born

and no one has yet to die.

I live.


Dare not think

To pickle my carcass for viewing.

Let them see this body while it moves,

or not at all - for what's the use?

Otherwise you can only glimpse me

in the breeze that ruffles your hair.

Don't lay me in a satin box,

my juices soon to defile -

Don't be so custom-ridden.

Spend not a dime

Weep not a tear


It is not me that lay here

but a garment  once borrowed

and now gladly returned.


I would be honored to become compost -

My face would receive shovels of dirt

As welcomed as a Mother's kisses.

My body would be thrilled to sleep

In a bonfire.

My bones would be glad for your assistance

in their return to dust.


Walk away with your heart held high.

I am not dead.

I am as close as your heartbeat.

Look into the vortex of your pupils

and I will be there.

I dance

I breathe

I play

I live

As do

and will