Tides of Truth

Man seeks conclusions -
What he believes to be
Solid footing
For he must:
He has made himself atrophied
And frail
With a cocktail of
Fear and ego.
He is not strong enough to swim
The Tides of Truth.

You will know
You grasp the finger of Truth
When your hand closes around
That which is greater
Than your mind can comprehend -
A door that swings ever wider
As long as you care to look.
But most merely cast a glance,
Collect a particle of Truth,
And claim it as holy
And whole.

Know you hold the hand of Truth
And have begun to walk with Lady Wisdom
When it all ceases to fit
Neatly into your hand
Or any one doctrine.

Know you smell the fragrance of God
When it pulls you ever deeper
Into a garden without borders.

Know you have looked into the eyes of Peace
When you hold no allegiance to anyone
Or anything
Or any thought
Or place
But to ALL
And Truth becomes your only shore
And your nationality
And only upon it's snow white banks
Do you choose to stand
And with great anticipation
Await the next Tide.