At a crossroads and I must choose

Am I crazy? Am I willing to lose


You bet, I sing

Bring it on

Metamorphosis is here

I stand solid

No fear

Watch me bloom

And fill this room

In fact, Iím already there

Because thereís nothing else in this room

Besides illusions

And false conclusions

And they fade away

In the light of day

I finally see my self for the first time

As I disappear

A cheshire cat Ėimagine that

Canít you see what Iíve done?

Isnít it familiar?  Isnít it fun?

And though it all seems crazy

Watch me now as I grow hazy

It only scares you because itís true

And feels so far away from you

Look at how youíve gone astray

And in the end youíll find

The only one who ever stood in The Way

Was you.