The Ocean


On the surface

The water looks dark and dangerous

But look inside

Underneath the motion of the waves

Where worries sink like stones

And fear subsides

It is such a peaceful ride

And you slide in deep


From the depths look up

The ceilingís just a mirror now

Reflecting who you think you are

You stare and wonder how


And no one really understands

Why this water draws you so

Why you stay under so long

And where it is that you go


And you canít tell them

Because they canít speak Mermaid

They would faint if they saw you tail

And you canít march in their sad brigade


You donít remember getting these gills

In fact, it always feels

Like they were always under your skin

That was just a clay mask and when


It finally washed away

You didnít know what to say


You invited others for a swim

They shied away in fear and distaste

Perhaps thinking of the disgrace

If they spoiled their beautiful clay face


But it is the only way

You can remember when

How long ago it was

That you learned to swim


Itís been forever.

Dive deep.