Going Up


I looked up one day

And noticed that the world

Hung within a bubble of time


And as I observed this seeming oddity

My fascination obscured

The sensation of my feet

Leaving earthly terrain.


I floated upward

And am now pressed

With my back against the inside of this bubble.


I choke on a bittersweet laugh

At my position

No longer able to walk

But unable to fly.


I watch the others

As they tend to their polished cars

And attend their polished churches

And tend their tidy gardens

And tsk my position

Overlooking my remarkable ascent.


They instead discuss

What they believe to be

My deprivation

My degradation

My separation

At no longer being able to polish my car

my church

my self

my god

my gravity has been reversed

and I hang there

watching their Shakespearian play.


Release comes

as I release mortality

molecule by molecule

and I slip though this bubble

by osmosis

to remember once again

this bubble sits perched

upon the wand I hold in my hand

and watch with fascination

as the colors spin upon it

when it is held

to the light.