For the Love of Truth


As a child

I sat in the lap of Truth

She told her mysteries to me

As bedtimes stories

And she allowed me to play

The delightful games of a child

In the soft


And Holy folds

Of her robe


Until one day, the Others came

And told me to stop pretending

And that I must adhere to their reality

And a convincing tale I was told

Full of fear

Full of guilt

Full of obligation

And so slowly, I went.


I no longer rested in the lap of Truth

But neither did I wave goodbye.

She only smiled

And turned her gaze toward the sea

And like so many days of my childhood

She drifted off into a haze of my forgetfulness


Though I marched in this new procession

And tried to immerse myself

Into their baptismal pool

It refused to hold water


Alone in this self-imposed exile

This no-man’s-land

Like the prodigal son.

A veil of illusions separated me

From that which I was one with


Yet I could not find my way back

By their roads

And screwy signs

And when their roads ran out into wilderness

I went further still

Over rough terrain

Seeing not a single soul

Recognizing not a single thing

Such were my days and nights of searching

And yet

Constant was the voice in my head



The rough terrain gave way to tall mountains

And then deep valleys

Through which dark rivers ran

And I dove in

And swam

Until one day I came to her

Gazing serenely at the water in which I swam


She turned her eyes to me

As if I had never left

And only a moment had passed

She held open her arms

And I cursed my eyes

That would not believe

Yet I crept



And tired

Back into the lap I once rested upon

And cried.

She caressed my head and said

“Tis nothing. Weep not,”

As she serenely turned her eyes back to the sea


Many days and nights had passed since

Last I saw the beauty of her face.

I was no longer child, but man.

“I will never leave your side again” I vowed

She smiled and said “Tis true.”


Many days and nights did I worship at her feet.

Many things did I bring, seeking her approval.

I lounged by her side.

I served at her feet.

And my soul lusted for her Truths.

I begged

I bribed

I demanded

I cajoled

I wept

I waited

Until one day

She arose

And as the dawn broke

She dropped her robe of mystery

And showed me the Truth.


She was right in her delay

It was indeed nearly more than I could bear.

And as I stand here now

Gazing at the beauty of Truth -

At that which I can barely comprehend -

The entire Universe adjusts.


And as I go to her

I sense that I shall be man

No more.